Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sex and Wardrobe Selection

So right after my girlfriend was talking about her "freak 'em" dress I went shopping for a new pair of "fuck me" shoes. When I went out with H.S.S. I had a "wanna fuck?" outfit in mind, but because I was pissed at him I wore a "you know you want some of this but you ain't getting it" outfit.

Yes, we send subliminal messages with our clothing choices. Messages like:

 "I don't give a crap what anyone thinks. I wanna be original." - mismatched outdated clothing.


"I just wanna be comfortable today." - sweats and sneakers.


"I wanna blend in. I don't wanna be noticed." - something considered average and ordinary for whatever circumstance. Nowadays jeans and a shirt will cut it for either man or woman in a casual setting.

So yes, when we go to the clubs, to the restaurant, movies, or even stay in with our men we dress to communicate how we are feeling and how we want them to proceed with us. Whenever I did not wanna have sex, I would wear the largest underwear I could find and my STBE would assume that I was having my period. The last time H.S.S. slept over I wore a cotton bikini (which he still considered huge ) and he assumed that I was on the rag as well. LOL! Men use our clothing choices as cue cards telling them what their next line is in the act.

So my girlfriend's "freak 'em" dress would be a tight mini dress I assume. My "fuck me" shoes (or my "stripper shoes" as a girlfriend had teased once) are my stilettos, and not any ole stilettos. Usually black, not strappy, gladiator-like, spiked heels, and studded with rhinestones or silver spikes. My "wanna fuck" outfit is one which leaves the important parts visible or accessible. A short dress with no panty on or a deep cut shirt revealing cleavage would fall in that category. And finally, my "you know you want some of this but you ain't getting it" outfit that I wore had me covered up and looking very modest. I wore tight dark blue jeans, a black strapless top, and a khaki green military collar jacket. But of course I deliberately did not wear a bra so when H.S.S. saw my headlamps turned on he could not resist but to cop a feel. Of course that was all he could do because he wasn't getting any.

So in a nutshell, put some thought into what you wear. What message do you intend to send? Remember, there is such a thing as first impression, and you don't get a second chance at that. If you want someone to take you seriously when they first meet you, then dress like you do. Later on down the road in your relationship, you will know what your partner responds to and dress accordingly. If your partner is not responding to your subliminal messages then it is time to kick it up a notch and just have a serious talk about the state of your union.

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