Sunday, May 29, 2011

All I Wanted To Do Was Cut The Grass

"They say i have to be strong
and that I've got to carry on.
But what am I? 
I'm not made of steel.
I can't tell myself what to feel."

I sprained my frikking wrist. My lawnmower is shot. My grass has grown ten feet high. Begged the nephews to come over and help. Of course they did a half assed job and I have to finish up myself. My garden is nowhere in vision this year. Meanwhile my two year old is inside potty training and getting her dukie everywhere. I really can't do this by myself anymore. For the first time in my singledom I am declaring that I NEED a man. I never had to worry about this mess when STBE was around. The lawn was the one thing he took care of without me bitching at him. Definitely not feeling like this superwoman people expect me to be.

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