Friday, May 27, 2011

Facebook SMH

It sickens me. It just sickens me. They'll post cryptic cuss outs. They will find every single break up song on youtube and post them. Their relationship status changes from married to widowed. And the dude just posted a bunch of photos 53 seconds ago from his latest night at the club. Then a few weeks or months later you see the same widowed broad post family pics where she and her man are all smiles and kisses. Or the relationship status goes back to married. Or they will post some status like "going on a date with my boo ♥". And you're like "Boo who? Not the same nucka you just done cyber cussed out and swore up and down you were through with? Give me a frikking break!"

You know what I am talking about. That mess just makes me SMH! When my husband and I were together we NEVER posted mushy photos of us. I have pics of him and the girls and maybe one of both of us. But none of us kissing or acting all lovey dovey. And it was not because we weren't offline. When I was not pissed off with him we would cuddle a lot. We weren't touchy feely all the time but we usually kissed each other goodbye when one was leaving the house. But of course our marriage went down the toilet and I am about to flush.

I don't believe in cyber PDA. Of course I did put my relationship status up for a while but it wasn't like people could not figure out that I was married. We were on each other's FB until he deleted his account and we never once wrote mushy messages on each other's pages. And now that we are broken up, only a handful of my 300 plus friends know, and that's only because I told them myself.

So I have a few friends and a family member who like to post these "cryptic" messages which everyone gets, such as:

"What's love got to do with it?"


"What do you do when the one you love hurts you so badly?"


"Some motherfuckers just need to die!"

The relationship status change comes after the not so cryptic posts. In a relationship ----single-----in a complicated relationship-----in a relationship. These are like days or weeks apart. Now comes the mushy status updates that indicates they are back on the pole and in love again. All I can do is SMDH and say WTF???  Weren't you just broken up? Didn't he cheat on you? Why are y'all booed up again? And why are you hugging and smiling with the kids at Central Park Zoo? It's not cute. It's sickening. Grow a backbone and stand your ground! Stop putting up with bullshit all because you were afraid of being alone. I did for many years. But I never acted like we were all happy and in love. We all know that he cheated on you, or he hit you, or he was just a dirty lowlife bum. He will not change if you take him back. The only thing changing is your Facebook updates. If you think you are deceiving anyone it is only yourself. And please stop posting blow by blow accounts of your relationship. At the end of it all you just look like one big joke to the rest of us onlookers!

I almost forgot to mention the ones who go all out proclaiming their love for some guy they just happened to meet. Then all of a sudden they are in a relationship. Then they break up. Then give her a month or so and it's a new dude all over again. Really? Is it that necessary to tell the world that you're fucking? Because we know that being in a relationship these days entails fucking. So if you're with a new guy every month or so, how many dudes is that in a year? Seriously?

Facebook, SMH!

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