Friday, October 21, 2011

Earning The Red Wings

The college boo is back in town and asked if I was available tomorrow night. I told him that I was feeling unwell and was probably just gonna stay home and rest. I did tell him however to give me a call when he was in the area. The truth is, yes, I am not well, but I am on the rag.

So I asked a trusted friend of mine if she thought I should cancel on him because I have my period. She said no, I should tell him to come and get his red wings. I was like "WTF!!" LOL!!!!

Now, I am not an advocate of sexing during the red. I don't have anything against anyone who does. I am not saying that I have never bled during rough sex, nor have my period begin during an encounter. But to willingly and actively engage in sexual intercourse during the flow? Hell no!!!

I must admit that I am intensely horny at the very onset of my period. However, that feeling gets old real fast. I just can't imagine doing that for the mere fact that it is smelly. Who likes smelling blood? I sure as hell don't.

Now, I can see why some would like it. I mean, no need to use lube, right? Yech!!! Plus women are supposed to be very horny during this time. Can't deny that. Sorry, not messing up my good sheets. I can sleep on cum stains. Blood stains are a whole different matter.

Whatever, to each his own. I just know that is just one thing I will never do. Ever!!!

Would/have you?

One Of My Most Vulnerable Weeks To Date

This week was by far one of the worst I have had in the longest time! And not that any major negative event occurred  No! I was just feeling lousy. There are many unresolved issues at home. I feel as if individuals in my immediate support system are not pulling with me. I thought I would have been much further ahead by now as it  has been a year since I've been working. But not so. I feel alone in many of my struggles. But I've got so many good things going for me at the same time. In a year I've gotten back on track with my bills, I've been promoted, I've lost weight, I have an active social life, and I have quite a few suitors. So why the hell am I so depressed???

This entire week I have had the nastiest headache ever. My head feels as if it is spinning. I get dizzy. My blood pressure is elevated. I feel as if I am hyperventilating. I've lost 10 lbs in as many days. I am irritable. My mother said that I have become unapproachable. I am short with the kids, even though they have become quite nasty in the past few months. (A separate entry is required for this). They have become so horrible that I contemplated giving them up for adoption. I even contemplated getting back with their dad and going to counselling to work on our marriage. After that I contemplated suicide.

What the hell is wrong with me? This is not me at all. I am equating all this to mean that I am tired of being alone. Now even though I have my pick of men I would never bring any of them around my kids unless we were planning to get married. So this is what I want. I want to remarry. I want a partner to split the bills and dessert with, someone to make me tea when I am sick, or take turns checking on the kids when they are sick. Someone to help me with the gardening or picking out new paint. Someone to back me up when the kids are sassing me. And someone to steal a kiss from throughout the course of the day. Just someone to be there. Someone to be my rock. I don't have that. Sadly, not even from those closest to me. In all my pain my mother has never hugged me and told me things were going to be ok. I need that. I need someone who can tell me it's going to be OK, and to hold me and reassure me. Someone to comfort me and encourage me. And I want to do the same.

So, I think I am in marriage mode now. I'm ready.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

How To Dine Beneath A Two Legged Table

Or rather, how to eat the punaani perform cunnilungus.

I've noticed in the past few months that most of the men who have performed cunnilingus on me tend to do it like they were scared of hurting me or something. The only one who got it right was the Aquarian. His great oral skills was how he managed to make me squirt!

But for goodness sakes! This is not a saucer of milk and you are not a giant pussy cat. Open it up. Get ravenous. Pretend it is the stomach of an infant and you are trying to tickle the heck out of it with your lips. Stick no less than 2 fingers in there while you tease around it. Bite my lips (gently please). Spank my clit. And let your tongue linger further down south of the clitoris. For crying out loud, stick a tongue in there. It won't bite. I'm angry that brother's won't get creative with it. And I am angrier at them than the brothers who flat out refuse to do it. I can't even bother explaining how to do it right so here's a great link from explaining how.

Happy reading!

Giving Her Oral Sex

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When Your Vagina Is Angry With You

Ever had a burning itch? Odor? Just a general feeling of being unwell down there? No, this is not a Vagisil commercial. This post is just a holla at my suffering sisters to remind you all to fear not! Vaginal infections are just as common and annoying as the cold and nothing to be ashamed of. I am currently down with BV (bacterial vaginosis) and I am wasting 5 good days out of my life inserting this gel; 5 good days that I could have been sexing my lover. Ironically, that was how I got it in the first place. My vajayjay does not always agree with condoms, so excessive use of such tends to throw off the PH balance which tends to result in a very angry and irritated coochie.

I've never been prone to yeast infections but did get one once when I was on a high dose of antibiotics and did not know that eating yogurt would prevent such. Other than that and a couple of UTI's when I was younger, I've been relatively incident free down there.  But for many women, it's like a nightmare. Recurring yeast infections and things of that nature tend to be an annoying part of their lives.

Some personal tips from moi include some which you already know but bears repeating:

  • Loosen Up -  I'm guilty of wearing thongs, lace, and satin when the men friends come around but the cotton bikini is what I wear most of the time. Once HSS came over unexpectedly and he was shocked that I was wearing "granny panties" *rolleyes*. I told him if he had a problem with it he should take it off, and so he did..LOL!

  • Cleanliness is next to godliness - personal hygiene goes a long way. Wipe front to back, change pads, tampons, panty liners frequently, and don't use regular soap down there. I use Summer's Eve as it is not irritating.

  • Become a pro - at probiotics that is. The active cultures is supposed to promote the growth of good bacteria throughout your body. Since I've been regularly eating yogurt I have not had a single yeast infection.

Please, if you don't think something is normal down there get it checked out. Ignoring small problems can lead to larger ones such as  infection of the uterus and ovaries, as well as infertility. Also, it is not such a bad idea to have a full scale STD test if you are sexually active. I sure as heck got one! Below is what I believe are a couple of great links for women out there who suffer from these conditons:

Prevent Vaginal Infections
Types of Vaginal Problems
Pinpointing the Source of Vaginal Infections
Yeast Infections and Vaginitis - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Sunday, October 9, 2011

What A Mess With HSS!!!

I don't even know what to say about him. I pretty much gave him an ultimatum and that ended the physical relationship for us. He has tried to holla after that but I have moved on beyond the booty call with benefits stage with him. I mean, a set up like that can only work if you are getting the booty after you call right? Unfortunately, that has not been the case for us.

So the last time I posted about us being intimate was the last time we were intimate. He has tried to come see me a few times after that but was always too tired or caught up in something else. After my brief fling with the Aquarian I had basically decided that I was on no uncertain terms going to ever lock down for a man who was not mine ever again. So after getting frustrated with HSS on Labor Day weekend I sent him a text saying that I wanted to see him on a certain night and if he did not show up I would know that he really has no desire to be with me and he would not hear from me for a very long time. Two days later he called asking me what the hell kind of threat was that. I told him I do not make threats, I simply let him know what time it was. I was getting frustrated with being put on the back burner. I am a single parent and my time is very limited, yet still if I find someone worthy of my time I will make arrangements to be with them. I have done so on numerous occasion for him, so I do not see why he could not do the same for me every so often.

I hung up on him after telling him bye in an acidic manner. Two weeks later he texted me in the midnight hours. I did not respond. That following morning he texted back and asked me how comes I did not respond to his texts. I told him I was busy. He called me the following Sunday but I was working a concert so again, I told him I was busy. He has not called me since. Now, I hope he sees what it is like when the shoe is on the other foot.

Make no mistake, I love this guy very much. Yes, he has issues, and yes, so do I . But my issues have never stopped me from loving him the best way I could. And now, I just want to be loved. I told him this in one of our conversations prior to me giving him the ultimatum. I do not want to be alone. I do not want to be dating a million guys. Yes, I am enjoying the attention and regular sex, but at the end of the day I want a man. I want someone to cook for, dress up for, and cater to in every other way possible as he mows the damn lawn, cleans the gutters, takes my car to the shop, and shows my girls what a good husband and father looks like. I cannot do it all by myself, and I am tired of doing it all by myself.

So now that I know what I want it becomes more obvious to me that he does not want the same, and so I am slowly healing and moving on. I'm really proud of myself for not caving and calling him over on those nights when I needed some but because my current lover lives far away I could not get any. Believe me, I've driven past his exit a number of times wanting to pass by his place but never have.

Saw this on my girl's FB and it rang so true:

"If he misses you, he'll call. If he wants you, he'll say it. And if he cares, he'll show it. If not, he can't be worth your time because you're obviously not worth his. "

So that's where I am at folks. Waiting to see who misses me and who cares about me enough to show it. I have my eyes on a bigger prize now and I am praying that a job transfer here will bring us together!

Friday, October 7, 2011

The College Boo Reunion

So let me start off by saying, that this guy here would have been THE ONE, had I not already been involved with the STBE. We get along great! Never had a disagreement that we could not talk through and resolve, and he is smart andsexy as all get out!!

We met in my sophomore year of college and were good friends onwards. To be honest, I always had a crush on him but never pursued because I was either on lockdown or lacking confidence. I mean, I was just a plain Jane compared to those other hot girls who dressed like they were going to the club when going to class. I was a sneakers, t-shirt, and jeans type of gal. I would rather be caught dead than wear high heels on campus.

Anyway, we always had a connection, but it was not until our senior year that we really connected. I don't know how, but I ended up spending time in his apartment. I had been briefly single but were just platonic friends at that point. One night we went out to a sports bar in town and partied with our friends, and I was too drunk to drive home and ended up in his bed. It was no mistake that I ended up there though, as I have always been attracted to him and figured that it was time for me to find out what he was made of.

We dated that entire summer, not just sexing either. He took me to dinner on a couple occasions, we went to the movies, and he took me home and introduced me to his grandma. But at the end of that summer he was gone. He went out of state to go to grad school, and I was stuck at home unemployed with a bunch of student loans to begin paying off. I got scared because I was never one to pretend that I could maintain a long distance relationship and I wanted more. I was having baby fever in the worst way. So, I got back with the STBE after a string of failed relationships. I had some difficulty conceiving at first so it was not until years later that we had our first child, which I never regretted one bit. I just regretted that I did not wait for the college boo.

We reconnected a few months ago, and he shared with me that he wanted more that he could not find where he was living now. He wanted to settle down and build a life with someone who bore similar characteristics to me. I was very flattered to say the least. I've never thought of him as more than just a friend. Even when we were dating I never believed that we would go beyond that. I just thought he was too good for me. He said he didn't like hearing me say that I let him go because I didn't believe he would come back to me. So all this blew me away and I decided that maybe I should just go out with him once to see what I had been missing.

He was in town the weekend after his birthday in August. I decided I was going to go all out as I wanted to make this really special. I got us a suite at a very nice hotel and I got ready there. When I was dressed and waiting in the lobby, the girl that had been working the front desk told me that I was looking amazing and she questioned me about my plans. I told her that I was meeting an old friend for dinner. She gave me that sly "I know what you're up to" kind of smile and I winked at her and went outside to meet him.

He pulled up in his brand new coupe and OMG my heart skipped 10 beats. LOL! He was as fine as he was __ years ago! We hugged and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me I looked wonderful and he didn't want to ruin my makeup. I told him that he hadn't changed a bit. I did though. I look hot now compared to years ago. We talked and caught up until we got to the restaurant: this chic pan-Asian restaurant in Downtown. Dinner was fabulous and followed by drinks at an upscale lounge nearby. He was exhausted from his journey and we decided to call it a night- a very early one at that as we left after 10PM.

We got back to the suite  and I left him to go freshen up. By the time I got out the powder room he was already undressed down to his t-shirt and boxer briefs (which fit him very well...). I said "oh well", and removed my pants and crawled under the covers with him. We spooned for a while until he started kissing me and caressing me, then he finally asked me why I was turned away from him. I turned to face him, we stared into each others eyes, then he took my chin and kissed my lips. After that, I don't have to go into much details.

I thought it would have been amazing, but it brought back memories of why I did not pursue a relationship with him in the past. The brother has a very nice dick, and it is a decent size too, but he could never please me. He would stop a lot while I was just getting into the groove of things. Also, he does not seem to have a lot of endurance. I was sad. To make matters worse, he does not eat the cho-cha. I do not require it all the time, I can go months without it, but you'd better get down there and start vacuuming when I say it's dusty. Point is, I like to be pleased, because I like to please as well. It would seem as if he is into one-sided sexual pleasure, which is a deal breaker for me.

Dare I say that if we should end up together I would try to break him out of his no foraging shell? Instruct him on how to fuck me enough to make me satisfied? Yes, yes, and why? Because despite his lacking in the bedroom department he is a keeper. He's hardworking, honest, reliable, good looking, has a great sense of humor, and has been a great friend to me for as long as we've been friends. I've learnt through much trial and error that usually the men who could make you lose your senses in the bedroom often made you lose your senses elsewhere. In other words, you can't have it both ways. My STBE was a little selfish in the beginning of our relationship but he learnt quickly that if he kept me happy then he would be happy. Sex is and always has been very important to me. Good sex that is.

So what's next with the college boo? Well, we both agree that long distance relationships aren't our cup of tea. He is actively trying to move back this side of the world. If he does then I would give him a chance to show me that we have something going on. Shit, I'd marry him and have his babies in a heartbeat if he asked me. You all KNOW that is a huge deal for me right? LOL! I asked him to be my date for an office function next month and he agreed. I don't want to read into anything too soon, but I know he must really be into me if he is willing to dress up in a tuxedo and sit through one of these boring office parties with complete strangers just for me. He has said on more than one occasion that he likes being with me and he misses me. The feeling is definitely mutual here.

So, should I go for it if the opportunity presents itself?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some Cream For My Coffee, Please!

So one Friday night a couple months ago, I made plans with a girlfriend to hit the nightclubs. She was booed up with this hunky Polish guy we met in the club for my birthnight celebrations and was taking him. I was not excited to be the third wheel so I went through my phone and called up this vanilla guy I had been talking to for a while. I believe I mentioned the single  date we went out on a few months ago. It so happened that another girlfriend of mine was going out in the same area with this vanilla guy that had been pursuing her. So, all three of us decided to meet up with our dates in the only Jamaican lounge in Downtown. This place is frequented by, you guessed it, Jamaicans. There are usually a few sprinkles of cream there but they cater to a predominantly upscale Hip-Hop, R&B, and Reggae crowd.

So my girl and her Polish dude were already there early. They stuck out like a sore thumb. My date wasn't expected to be there until near closing time. My other friend and her dude got there a little late and the bouncer wouldn't let her guy in because he had a T-shirt on. Yeah right! There were other black men in there dressed in T-shirts. Reverse discrimination anyone? Eventually we were able to butter him up and he let her friend in.

 Finally, my date shows up but he was too afraid to enter the club by himself. [Insert rolling eyes here]. I met him around the corner and walked him in with no problems. Of course the bouncer was giving us the evil eye as we went in. I ordered him a gin and tonic (his favorite) and we chatted for a while. I felt the stares and whispers all around us. Earlier, I ran into a few female friends and I had been chilling with them and dancing with them prior to my date's arrival.  Now, they were not as accommodating as they were earlier. Side glances galore!

So I decided I'd had enough and took my guy and we left. I walked him to the basement garage and we were trying to decide what to do next, but to be truthful, it had been about 6 weeks since I's gotten laid and all I wanted to do was fuck. We started some very serious tonsil hockey. The windows were already fogged up and I was ready. So like a soldier, I never travel without my gear. The condom was out and his cock [white guys love this word apparently] was hard. But for some reason, although he wanted to do it I think he was very uncomfortable with the impromptu sex. He appeared to be startled whenever a car passed. So, he just couldn't maintain an erection long enough to get it in. I guess I can say I went third base with him but didn't make it to the home plate.

I was pissed to say the least! Felt as if I wasted my frikking time! I don't know what I was expecting that night but I know I was at least expecting to get laid. He didn't even dance with me once as he claims he has two left feet. As it is right now I have no desire to be with him, or to see him again. He calls every now and then, but I ignore his calls. I could tell he was uncomfortable in that setting. I did not feel uncomfortable when I was out with him. But to think about it, black folks tend to be a lot less tolerant of interracial dating than white folks are. The way they eyed us (my girlfriends and I along with our dates), I am not so sure if I could handle the judgmental stares on a regular basis. Particularly with someone who is uncomfortable doing things I enjoy doing, like dancing to some Travis Porter. LOL! I think if I were to ever get my swirl on again it would have to be with a man who has a deep appreciation for my heritage, who makes me forget that he is from a different cultural background.  Not a man who makes me feel awkward to be with him in a setting that is familiar to me.

It's Raining...Men

Life has been so hectic lately! As I said before, I have been busy with work, family (drama), and my men.

Almost every weekend in August I have been on dates with different men. September would have played out the same had I not had so much drama going on in my life.  HSS is not in the picture right now, more on him later. The married ex, um, more on him too.The Aquarian is somewhat in the picture as well, at least he is TRYING really hard to get it in. And oh yes, I finally got to hook up with my college boo. I say I was gonna keep my options open didn't I? So here's a brief intro to two of my suitors.

Mr. Africa

He was one of the first few men who responded to my profile on this dating website. I kinda blew him off initially because I found him to be too wordy and somewhat positioned himself as this man of greatness because of his achievements and his belief in charity and community service. Even though I blew him off, he was persistent. We exchanged emails while I was seeing the Aquarian. Somewhere during that time he pretty much convinced me to talk to him on the phone. My initial feelings were right. He was indeed a chatterbox. I hate it when people talk too much. So much so that I could not get a word in edgewise. He would keep cutting me off mid-sentence. I addressed him on it right away and he admitted that was one of his main faults. He gets so excited during a conversation that he forgets that the other person is speaking. But he coined me as a bass mistress. Meaning I like to sport fish. And right he is. I explained to him that some fish you throw back, some you eat, and others you cherish forever as they hang on a plaque on the wall. He wanted to know which category he fell in and I told him that time will reveal that answer.

So anyway, we start speaking more, READ: once a week. He still could not keep our conversations to under half an hour so I avoided his calls when I was really busy. He texts here and there and I keep it brief with him. At some point since the past couple months he has been listening to me as I fill in him in little personal details of my life. Not everything now, just what I wanted him to know. And he knows that my children are my world.

So when I decided I was through with the Aquarian a couple months ago I decided that I would meet him in person and see if we hit it off. Before I even told him I wanted to meet him he was inviting me on a getaway to Mexico. I declined even though I really could use a vacation. I have some new bikinis I wanted to wear before summer ended. LOL. But seriously, it was just too soon.

After cancelling and rescheduling a few times we finally met up one Friday after work.We went to a sushi bar and I had one of those lovely rolls with a lychee martini on the side. The conversation was good and I have to say I enjoyed myself. I just don't feel the sparks with him. He is handsome, just not as tall as I would like. (Why do I keep getting the itty bitty men?) He dresses nicely, wears what I assess to be a $2,000 watch, has excellent taste and manners. He is intelligent. In a great job. Teaches Sunday school. Active in Big Brothers/ Big Sisters. Not afraid to get in touch with his feminine side. And he loves kids. Oh yes, he would like to have his own someday. Y'all know that is the deal breaker for me right?

Why is it that the nearly perfect guy is not the one for me? We ended the dinner with an awkward hug. He did not want to let go. He said he really liked me and he wants to see me again. So I met up with him at an Indian buffet a few weeks after. (He picked again!) We had a great time still. I decided I like him, but not enough for him to be the one. He calls me ever so often wanting to know when we will have some alone time. I have yet to respond.

The Aspiring Writer
He is an enigma. This guy dresses like a thug, yet he speaks like with such intellect. He does not use slang and speaks plain English. He is a navy veteran, college educated, but unfortunately he is also broke. I met him when he was in between jobs. He found one now, a security job, that pays great overtime. I know the economy is rough right now, and a job is a job but I hope that he eventually does something to achieve his dreams of being a successfully published author.

We have been getting to know each other for the past three months. We went out on a date in August, but because of the distance between us (an hour) and the hectic nature of my life I have not been out with him until late last month when he brought drinks over and we snuggled up on the couch and had a movie date. That was the first time I had een intimate with him and I absolutely loved it. I went to his place this past Sunday and it was only better than the first. The brother can make a sister happy!!!

We get along great, we connect, and the sex is just fabulous! But I know deep down within me that the attraction begins in the corners of his mind and end in the seat of his pants. The comic books, anime, video games, and occasional weed smoking really do not cut it for me. I would like to settle down with a grown man for once, I am so done with overgrown boys. I really do like him. But that is it for me.

There's a lot more juice to this cocktail and I will follow up as soon as I can.