Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Cum Too Quick Fix

So Monday I was having a super hectic stressful day at work. My phone was ringing off the hook. Married ex was calling. And after moving a few projects around I succumbed to an afternoon of adultery. I took an hour off from work to meet up with him for lunch and dessert. Of course, I did it in reverse order. Dessert first and lunch after. Now it always amazes me that no matter how busy he is, he can always make time for me. The man is an attorney and an elected official whose time is very limited, yet he took valuable vacation time to get the afternoon off for me. H.S.S. would not think of missing a day from work for anything other than debilitating illness.

So anyway, things were going well. We kissed. His lips are probably the softest I've ever kissed. Very meaty! We undressed and then he found his way into my crevice. He does not have length like H.S.S. does, but he does have a nice fat cock. So everything was going great. I felt my thighs tremble and I smiled in glee as he pounded away. It was going great for a hot minute or two until he started to slow down. He would thrust away then stop to kiss me, put me in a different position, or suck on my breasts and then moan that the pussy was so good and he didn't wanna cum yet. I was beginning to get agitated. My hips were beginning to get angry. After building me up and letting me down so frequently within the space of a few minutes, I thrashed my pelvis violently and it told him "you'd better not cum yet motherfucker. I am not done with you."

Too late.

He groaned so loudly as he shot his load. I wasted no time getting up from the scene of the disappointing crime. I was starving anyway, so after I got cleaned up and semi-dressed I downed the salad he brought me as he took calls from other politicians and was deep in discussion about the city's budget and an upcoming ethics case. I would have gone back for a second round, and so would he, if I didn't have to run back to work to finish up. He also had to leave to meet with a press associate who had called him earlier.

I left feeling far from satisfied. Most of my day's stress was gone, but I was in need. That night when I got home, my poor clit paid dearly as I mercilessly and unrelentingly pleasured myself numerous times. Now I realize why I find it so hard to let him go. He's reliable. If I call him for lunch, dinner, or just sex he always tries his best to make accommodations. But I cannot continue fucking him if the sex remains like this. He's gotten worse since he's gotten older. Ten years ago he was a long distance stud. Now?

It's sad, but I actually went on Google trying to find ways to help him to delay his ejaculation.

Stop & Go

I see some sites recommending what I hate oh so much. The stop and start. Of course they say you can keep your lady pleasured during one of your breaks. Please! I HATE it! Maybe if he fucked me with a dildo it wouldn't be so bad because all I wanna do is to be hammered til I cum.


PC muscles. They're not only found in women. Men have them too. He can train his dragon to keep the fire pent up if he learns to contract his muscles.

Pressure Treatment

To the perineum that is. The little area between the anus and the testicles. Some guys are squeamish about that. If he is kinky and loves to try new things he would actually enjoy this sensation.

Tug of War

Tug on his balls. Don't yank it like one of those old fashioned toilets. Gentle pull on his nuts. Some guys are scurred to have women pulling on their balls. Some  like it. Find out the temperament of your man before going for the 'nads. I usually shy away from it unless he asks me to.

Just Breathe

They say that controlling one's breath will help slow down ejaculation. Faster breathing tends to arouse one more. Well, duh! If you are thinking about how deep a breath you took your mind is not on the willy and you not only delay ejaculation, but also risk getting a flat tire.

Now, I doubt any of these techniques will change much between us. I kinda feel awkward talking to him about such sensitive matters but if he is gonna stay on the roll then he needs to be able to perform. What purpose does it serve to have an old faithful dog if he can't chase burglars away?


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