Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Heart Or The Head?

A friend of mine had this on her FB status today. Of course the bulk of us said head. We are, or try to be practical beings after all.

One friend posted:
"The head will make you miserable..."

Another replied:
"I'd rather deal with misery than treachery."

And so another posed this very important question:
"why is everyone saying their head and not their heart???? What's the benefit of one vs the other???"

  • Makes practical decisions.
  • All decisions are based on logic and not impulse or "it just feels right"
  • It often keeps you out of trouble and your heart from breaking into a million pieces

  • Makes a gorilla look like Halle Berry/ Morris Chestnut
  • Mistakes abusive behavior for love.
  • Cheating and disrespect become acceptable

OK, so I may be going overboard with this line of reasoning, but this is the logical person in me speaking. Let's be real here for a second: anyone who made decisions based solely on rationale would find themselves being bored, miserable, and unfulfilled. Decisions made with the heart often involve some risk taking. Some like the thrill of a new, exciting romance; not knowing where it would take them, but not caring one way or the othe,r and just living for the moment. 

The reasonable person in me would say, neither is better than the other, but we should always find a balance between the two. Take my situation with H.S.S. I know he does not want to commit right now, yet because I love him soooo much I am hanging in there and waiting him out, hoping that he will grow to trust me and make me his number only. 

My head says: "girl what are you crazy?!!"

My heart says: "he loves you and you love him and love will prevail."

What's between your head and your heart? Your throat, the house of your voice. And my voice is telling me to just take it easy, go with the flow, tread carefully, be wary of the red flags, but also to not close myself off from love. Using both your heart and your head is important. Your head will expect the worst, while your heart hopes for the best. Remaining grounded is key in navigating love. 


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