Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dis Puddy Be Yankin'

I hate that song. Lady's Southern twang is grating, never mind the monotonous, unoriginal, low budget video. But I love the lyrics. Hell yes! My pussy be yankin' too. OK, I don't like the word, it sounds.... ghetto. But she's got a point. If your crotch is hot you gotta let the world know. Right? * sarcastic smiley*

The blogs have been on fire about this one video for a while now. Most trashing her for bragging about her capabilities. So far I've only seen one kudos. But if your pussy be yankin' do you need to write songs about it? Hell no! Men do that shit. To me it's like an ad for a pro seeking new tricks. And by the way, I've never seen a pro put out an ad for a new trick. Sex is sex and men will get it from anyone, even if they pussy ain't yankin'.

So how do you know when your pussy is yankin'? Me personally, I've got some tricks that make men bust a nut too early in the game or end up with muscle spasms. H.S.S. knows my tactics so he tries to restrict me in awkward positions so that he remains in control of his nut. He won't even let me put it in. LOL! I've rode the hell outta dudes and broken beds. Last time I was with married ex I made his back go out. Luckily for him I keep extra strength ibuprofen on hand for this sorta thing so I gave him one and sent him on his merry way. But anyway, I could tell you to ride dick like a pro, do this, do that, but the act itself is not the main thing. The # 1 thing that gets guys off in bed is confidence. If you step up to the plate and stare the pitcher straight in the eye, you better come prepared to swing hard. If you get all lazy and inhibited, then of course the sex may not be enjoyable. The pussy may feel good physically, but you won't feel as good mentally, and that's what gets guys off. The mind. Work it!

But seriously though, I know my sexual prowess. I don't know how I would measure it against any other woman out there but I know my capabilities. I'd never meet a guy and tell him I'm good in bed. I'd let him find out for himself, much in the same way I wanna see what he's working with. Real women play coy and put on the too sweet to beat act. Then when they get on the pole they switch it up like the lovely Keisha morphing into a demon while on top of Loc Dog's dick in "Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood".  Be a lady, Lady.

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