Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Don't Know Why My Married Ex Called Me

Apparently someone searched Google for these keywords and it led them to my site. I know why *my* married ex calls me. I'm safe. He could fuck me and not worry about getting me pregnant or picking up some STD. Most of all, I am discrete. He never has to worry about me calling his wife or showing up at his house or his job with some drama. PS: I know his wife, have worked as his assistant once, and have been to his house, once. He claims he loves me. He may be fond of me, fond of the fact that our relationship has gone on this long. But love, that word is just thrown about too loosely these days. Oh yeah, he loves the pussy. That much I know.

Well, that was when we were hot and heavy. Since I have distanced myself from him he calls periodically, trying to feel me out and worm his way back into my heart and my panties. There is a post about our most recent encounter.

Anyway, Google can't answer that question for you. Only *you* know why your married ex calls you. Question is what *you* are gonna do when he calls. Hmmm....


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