Friday, May 13, 2011

The Date Promise

Thursday afternoon I got a sudden revelation:

"Why the heck am I waiting for this man to ask me out? I should ask a dude out!"

And so I did. I picked up the phone and texted a fellow I had on reserve since late last year. We were supposed to go for drinks back in October but never did due to whatever reason. He came to my New Year's Eve party but it was not a great venue for us to socialize properly. So as soon as I sent him the text I got a response. He wanted to go right at that moment. I was not prepared to go anywhere. You know, no matter how small the event is, us girls have to spend hours pruning and primping. OK, not all girls, but I do. I was just getting off work and I had a few tasks I had to get done anyway so I told him 8pm and he agreed.

So, how was it? We went to a sports bar nearby. I have never been there but decided that it will be on my list of regular spots in the future. I ordered an apple martini. He got 2 beers. We talked about our lives now, families, work, career, hobbies, current events, and of course took a trip down memory lane. He was a classmate of mine  back in college. He is a year younger than I am so back then I had absolutely no interest. Now he could definitely get it, but he is not relationship material as he is still has some maturing to do. (He's a gamer  )

But overall, I had a great time. He texted today to say that he had fun. I did too. Hope to see him again soon. We have a movie date in the works.

I then told myself, "See how easy that was ____? Hit a guy up on the regular and go out and do something fun!"

So this, my friends, is my new promise to myself. I will go out with a gentleman at least once a month. And no, I am not looking for Action Jackson. I am looking for an opportunity to hang out and chill with someone of the opposite sex in a totally platonic manner. I am going without expectations. I am not saying I wouldn't be tempted to get some, but I am controlling my urges and saying no to the D. At this point, I am merely wetting my feet and seeing what's out there. Call it a self-affirmation if you will. I am hot, in demand, and still desired. So if this one man does not want me, another one will. His loss is another man's gain. Time waits on no man, so why should I? Yes, H.S.S. is still in the back of my brain and the bottom of my heart, but until he says it's official, it's not.

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