Sunday, May 15, 2011

"It's Not The Destination, So Much As The Journey"

I've got it all backwards don't I? But Captain Jack Sparrow is right.  Looking at life from a greater picture: we are born, we live, we die. We all die, that is our destiny. So it would make sense to enjoy life while you are still living it, no? That, my friends, is the approach I have taken

I spent almost the entire day with H.S.S. and I could not wait until it was over. He must have been on his male-cycle or something because he was just miserable! Our communication was just off. Simple things I would ask him, he misinterpreted. We went to go see a movie in the night but it was far from a romantic date. Even though he did cop a feel off my boobs twice, I felt like I was there by myself most of the time. And I guess my body language told him that I was not interested in him coming over last night so he did not. How is it that I had such a good time spending one hour with a man I have no intentions of being romantic with, versus a whole day with the love of my life?

So from here on, I am just trying to enjoy the journey, not caring too much about the destination. It does not seem likely at this point that we are going to end up together after all. At first I was gonna ignore his calls and texts altogether, but it seems as if he left his jacket here so I will have to see him at some point. Just gonna work on getting mine when I want, be it from him or a nice fellow that I will meet. And H.S.S. is gonna get the  piece of meat treatment because at this point, that is all he is capable of giving to me.

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