Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Neither Hair Nor There

I decided to give up the creamy crack. I last relaxed my hair in July of 2010. Well, before this past weekend. I decided to go ahead and perm the hair because I just couldn't find the time to give it the comb out and TLC it required as the naps were growing in. I had been wigging it for months but summer is fast approaching and the scalp is growing claustrophobic as the days get warmer.

So I went to the hair store and got a big jar of Olive Oil regular strength relaxer. I knew it had lye in it but figured that because my hair went so long without a perm, a stronger base would be needed. Before I even got to doing the front, the back of my head was throbbing with pain. By the time I applied the last of the relaxer to the front quarter I was flying to the sink to rinse my hair out.

I winced in pain as the back of my head felt as if it had been lit on fire. The last front quarter was not even processed properly, and back there is now feeling like apple sauced dried up back there with all the scar tissue. What's a chick to do? I wanted to rock a cute half wig so I had to have my hair permed. My hair was knotted and matted and looking like it locked on its own. I am not a high maintenance chick. I like wash and go but I don't even have time to wash as often as I should.


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