Saturday, April 23, 2011


Sooo...yours truly is toying with the idea of trying this. I  subconsciously hold my breath right before I orgasm so why not? I am getting so turned on with a whole necktie scenario that has been playing out in my mind. Wonder if HSS would wanna try this? Hmmm. Yes it is dangerous, and I am a danger fiend!

So what exactly is asphyxophilia? According to Wiktionary it is:

"Literally, the love of asphyxia. A sexual practice, generally not terminal (and even then probably only accidentally), of arranging to produce asphyxia at the moment of orgasm. The practice may have originated from the observation, described in a novel by the Marquis de Sade, that hanged males sometimes achieve erection and even ejaculation before dying."

So this is not exactly some mainstream sexual act. As the name Marquis de Sade indicates, it would be considered an act of sadomasochism or S&M. I can't say I am a full blown sadist. I do not receive joy from whipping someone raw or being spanked til my ass throbs in pain. I love a tap here and there, or a bite here and there and maybe a little bit of hot wax (not poured all over my body but rubbed in). But sorry Ri-Ri, whips and chains do not excite me. 

With regards to breath play, as asphyxophilia is commonly called, I think I am turned on by the idea because I know how intense my orgasms are when I hold my breath. H.S.S. says he can always tell when I am about to come because I fall deathly silent, my eyes are shut tight, and I get very tense. Almost as if I am in a trance, and yes I can tell you I feel as if I am about to levitate.

There is a whole world out there concerning breath play. I stumbled upon this website that promotes safe breath play and even gives an instructional to the different kinds of breath play. I had no idea there were so many ways of skinning this cat! The website also acknowledges the dangers associated with such activities. At the foundation of breath play is mutual respect and trust between the two parties. Respect that if I do not like this you will stop, and trust that you will not kill me in the process. Interestingly enough, it was revealed that out of 25 million people in the US, it is estimated that 250 will die of erotic asphyxiation in a year. This is not for the faint of heart. This may not be your cup of tea. But it's good to know what kind of sexual options we have in this world today isn't it?

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