Friday, April 8, 2011

OK...What's Really Up?

So I am at work and H.S.S. texts me at noon for an impromptu lunch date. Too bad I was tied up with work and couldn't go. And by the time I got out he would have been at work. So I am puzzled. What's up? What's reaaally up? We have not gone out in a long time. We had a little spat over something that almost jeopardized our relationship, and here he is calling me, asking me out, and following up on his promises.


My girl said it is possible that he is sorry about how he reacted to my question about him trusting me. It is also possible that he is thinking about that other stuff (commitment).

Whatever it is I don't know. I am relishing in the sudden shift in tempo in our relationship. So long as I keep myself busy and stop showering him with as much attention as I used to then we should be good. Want you but don't need you boo!

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