Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Just Called To Say...

No "I love you" here. Something similar but subliminal though. The standoff ended much sooner than I had anticipated it would. This evening as I was about to pick the kids up he called.

Me: Hello
Him: Hi
Me: Hi
Him: I just called to say hi and see where it goes from there.
Me: Ok then. Hi.

I finally asked him how he was and then the conversation went on for a little over 10 minutes until I cut him off. He had tried to arrange to pick up my car tomorrow to wash it but I had it washed at the dealership  today. He also inquired about the state of my domicile this weekend (ie: if anyone would be there).

 He called me back about an hour after our conversation to ask me why I washed the car; if I didn't think he would have done it. I laughed and told him that I did not expect him to but I got it washed because I took the car in to get something under warranty repaired and they had offered for free. So I said, "why not?" I heard some relief in his voice. I wondered if he thought I asked some other guy to wash it because he knows I do not normally wash the vehicle on my own. LOL!

It was cute. He still wants to be a part of my life somehow. I just don't think he is ready to step up to the next level. It's all good though. My resolve has not changed. I am focusing on me. Whatever is to take place with us will take place eventually. My love for him is unwaivering, and I am sure he feels the same about me. That is all that matters at this point.

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