Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Am Aware Of My Clitoris

Are you? 

Today is Clitoris Awareness Day. It is also National Weed Day. I am kinda offended that my clit didn't get it's own day of recognition. Why did we have to share with cannabis? At least we don't share the day with HIV Awareness. Yeow!

Anyway, I have been aware of my clitioris since the age of 12, when out of curiosity I discovered how my "down there" works. I have not looked back since.  I am aware of how engorged and phallic it becomes during heightened arousal. I am aware that sometimes my clit does not like to be stroked every single day. Sometimes it makes me aware that I need to use some lube. It does not like the super fast vibrators, but prefers a gentle hum. It also does not, *gasp*, enjoy too much cunnilingus. The intense pressure exerted from a good tongue wash can prove to be too much. It goes months between appointments and it is making me aware that one is due right about now. I texted H.S.S. and told him that he should come honor my clit in observance. He laughed and said he was working tonight.

Enjoy your clits ladies, and become aware of their likes and dislikes. Thank God we don't live in a place like Somalia where they cut off women's clits so that they do not enjoy sex. Ouch! By the way, is this even a real day of recognition? LOL!

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