Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Keeping It Caliente

Now no matter how good your sex life is, you may find yourself in a rut every now and then. The key to avoiding this is to try something new every now and then. Don't think you can go pulling new stunts during every encounter. You will tire yourself quickly, become frustrated and most likely pull a muscle. Besides, sometimes a good old fashioned lay is all you need to get you off. I try to pull a new stunt out of the hat at least once a month. Here are some things I have either added to the bedroom (or whichever room we may happen to be in at the time), thought about, or intend to try when the opportunity arises.

Break out the Toys

They don't have to be just for moments of solitude or during a dry spell. Break out your collection and get crazy with it. My favorite toy for dual play is what I like to call the U-boat. It is shaped like a U and vibrates. Insert it in the vajayjay and enjoy the internal stimulation as well as the clitoral stimulation while your boo is putting it down on ya! *sigh*

Lickably Delicious

Melted chocolate, strawberries, warm honey and alcohol infused whipped cream makes for some sweet foreplay. Tease your lover by staying away from the "danger zones" and licking everywhere else...behind the knees and between the thighs is awesome! Elbow joints are great too.

Painful Pleasure

I like hot wax, some like whips, some like to get spanked, I prefer a tap on the clitoris. Whatever floats your boat. Just make sure that the recipient is okay with it and don't go from 0 to 60 on the pain-ometer.


Let's face it. It's usually one of the three positions that you usually go for: missionary, woman on top, or doggy style. *Yawn* Buy a Karma Sutra book and switch it up on him every now and then.

Orifice Exploration

He is like a shuttle and you are the astronaut on the Discovery. Take him to the moon and back...Nuff said!

Openly Share Your Fantasies

The great thing about fantasies is that they don't always have to come true, but they are still great to think about. I told my sweetheart that I fantasized about a threesome with two guys and let's just say that he kinda made it come true (with the aid of a toy of course!). Sometimes you could even do role play. Your mate may not even want to go through with it but may get turned on by the mere fact that you can be sooo nastay!!!

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