Thursday, March 3, 2011

Drip Drip Drip

So what's this latest obsession with leaking vaginas? Please enlighten me! It used to be frowned upon but within the past decade or so, female ejaculation has become almost a prerequisite for a normal sexual relationship. OK. Almost.

I will attest that I have done this on two separate occasions. The first time was with H.S. sweetheart. It was our first time back together after so many years. I did not even know what I had done until I looked at the sheets when we were through. At first I thought I had pissed the bed but then I realized that he is just that damn good!

The second time was with my husband after I guided him into manually manipulating my organs to a crazy g-spot triggered orgasm. He enjoyed it I suppose. Yes, he really did. He bragged about it for two weeks.

Do I enjoy doing it? I guess I do, solely for the aesthetic pleasure. It is visually appealing and mentally satisfying for a man to be capable of manipulating a woman's body to that extent. There is no faking of anything when you can see it right before your eyes. But no, because I hate ruining my sheets and I am not laying out all my towels either. Also, although I am well versed on the biological content of a female's ejaculate, in the back of my mind I think it is piss. Mind over matter I guess!

Edited to Add: I realize I could not end this post without a "how to" instructional!

How to Achieve Feminine Ejaculate

Some women orgasm easily. A gentle breeze, breast play, clitoral stimulation, etc all aid in orgasm. But female ejaculation is very difficult for most women to achieve and one must be in tune with their body sexually to accomplish this.

I have achieved this both from vaginal stimulation, and manual stimulation of the g-spot. Clitoral stimulation does nothing to help me achieve this. Vaginal stimulation is just a matter of a hit or miss. The right position, length, girth, timing between strokes, all play a factor into achieving this.

Manual stimulation of the g-spot is a more controlled way of achieving ejaculate. Of course it is not cool to just jump right in with the fist. Get loose first. A great game of tonsil hockey is enough for me to lubricate. Others might opt to have their partner take a dive and lick the clitoris. That is ok. Do whatever makes you happy. Once you are feeling aroused have your partner insert two fingers inside the vagina, palm facing up. Have him stroke your clitoris orally or using his thumb while bending his fingers back and forth to apply pressure to the G-spot. It should feel like a round ball and even more pronounced once aroused.

Once you are on the verge of climax you may feel like you are about to piss yourself. Don't worry, you are but you aren't. Let your inhibitions go and shower your honey. And do remember to place lots of towels or thick blankets down. Yes, it does get that wet. ;-)


  1. Thanks for the instructional manual. Never have gotten it to work on my wife... but, there's always tomorrow. :-)

    I mean it... THANKS!!!

  2. well please come back and tell me how it went...remember..lots of towels!! LOL!