Friday, July 1, 2011

Women, Please Take Care Of Your Men

He may be there but he's not really there. Get him off 
Craigslist and get his attention
I have noticed since I have become [semi] single that I have been approached by mostly men who are married or in serious relationships. Now, the attention is flattering, but it also disgusts me. I mean, why is it that these men who have a solid home life feel the need to go creeping outside?


Don't tell me because they are men. There are good and decent men out there. Yes, they do exist. But it just sickens me that you can say that your wife is your best friend and yet still you are hurting her behind her back. If that's what real friends do then I don't want any. This guy I met on Craigslist was involved in a serious relationship but complained that his woman was too busy for him. One married guy I chat with took his wife out to South Korea with him only because I refused to go with him. Another one of my married male friends posted a big happy anniversary message on FB to his wife the other day that made me want to vomit. Not because I was jealous, but because I was disgusted. This same man was talking to me about his fantasies of fingering my ass and tasting my juices a while before that. It sickens me! It's like sticking his wanker into some broad out there then coming home and sticking it back into his wife's mouth. Yuck!

Something New

I have come to the conclusion that men go creeping because they are bored and looking for something new. Yes, you give them sex every Sunday night while the kids are asleep. You have to keep it hushed though because you don't want to wake them up. And you give it to him in 2 positions, him on top, or on your side. Oh yeah, you suck his dick 4 times a year: his birthday, Father's day, your anniversary, and Valentine's day. If you got drunk during Christmas dinner, New Year's Eve, or your relative's wedding you will probably give him head then. Yes, I said. I said it cause I can. I used to be like that with my STBE husband after I had the kids. I had sex just to get rid of him. And it wasn't because I didn't want to get wild. It was because I was tired of him, our routine, and everything in general. The few times when I strayed (yes I did) I was in a rut with him and I just fell prey to excitement. I can relate to why a man would want to do the same.

So ladies, this is my plea: Please take care of your men. Get wild and crazy. Offer your pussy on a platter. He should be refusing it and begging you not to straddle him because you wore him out. Make your bed springs sing and make that headboard leave dents in your wall. Don't worry, the kids may not be able to sleep for a while but they will survive. Get yourself some sexy lingerie. Get some sex toys, some astroglide. Do the whole romantic thing: wine, candles, massage, etc. Change your hairstyle up. Do something different at least once a week. Your man should whip his head around every time to see if it's really you or some strange chick walking around in the lacy panties and Louboutins around the house.


With all that said, none of this will ever guarantee that your man will remain faithful. Therefore, it is essential that you both communicate with each other and check in on a regular basis. Maintain an open and honest line of communication. That way, you can know when something is not right, and instead of the problem growing and manifesting into an affair, you can both work together to remedy it. I think that if I had told my husband that I was not satisfied with our sex life and that I was toying with the idea of seeing someone else, yes he would have gotten mad, probably would have thrown a jealous fit. But, he would have stepped his game up and made me forget about even wanting to see anyone else. I know he would have because he loves me, and he never wanted our marriage to fall apart the way it did.

Most married men I know, no, all of them, do not want their marriages to fall apart. So yes, I believe if they were actually challenged they would step up to the plate to make their wives happy. My sister in law's husband got in trouble with her once because of his wild ways and when she found out and threatened him, best believe he was home early every day. He took her out on dates, they went away on vacation and were acting lovey dovey all the time. This was about a year ago. Now, it seems as if she has grown comfortable and he has gotten bored so he is back on the streets prowling.

This guy I am seeing now made it clear that he is not a serial dater and has no problems with commitment. I asked him what happens in the event that I meet someone I wanna smash. I am gonna be real, I do not know if I am capable of being faithful. As long as my eyes see, I am always going to be tempted. I have realized that in most vulnerable points in my relationships I have sought relief outside and that was because the dialog was not there. But anyway, his response was that I should let him know and we would work it out. I heart him! LOL! But yes, honesty and communication people!

Remaining Faithful?

I have become distrustful of men in general. Most of the married men in my family are notorious womanizers. Yes, I've dated one married man and I am still trying to work him out my system. I have told him on several occasions that he disgusts me. He called me the day after Father's Day telling me that he realizes he was in the dog house with me because I didn't call him anymore. I am trying to undo whatever hold he had over me when I was younger. I think the last time when we were together I asked how things were at home with his wife, he said they were close friends now. Close friends my ass! Go home to your friend and leave me the hell alone! I will not be party to his infidelity any longer. Ladies and gentlemen, I have grown a conscience! [scattered applause]

I still don't know for sure if my husband did or did not cheat on me but I am going to presume him guilty until proven innocent. Loose condoms and Viagra pills hidden in secret places don't make much for an innocent defense. I don't care if a man I am with feels the need to get his somewhere else. I just hate being lied to and made to believe that I am the only one. I like to know straight up if it's going to be just you and me, or you, me and whoever we happen to like. For this reason, I am liking the idea of having an open relationship. More on that in another post.

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