Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Coldest Summer You Will Ever Feel

This is something I have never shared with you all, but I have been writing since I was 8 years old. I did short stories and mostly poems. I keep starting novels but never finish them. I guess I lost my lust for literature. I find it satiating to blog on here because (1) It is an outlet for me and (2) I really love to write. So from time to time I write poems about whatever it is I am going through and below is one of them. This is not based on any one person, but it is a compilation of all my past hurts all rolled up in a poem for your perusal.

The Coldest Summer You Will Ever Feel

And so here it is again
I am caught here
picking up pieces
of what used to be me.
Me, when I was glowing
and basking in the light
of what I once thought
was your love.
But all of a sudden
you become like stone.
You cast a cloud
so dark
I can actually see
what was hiding behind
your once prominent rays.
So now as I emerge
all glued together
with cracks exposed
I harden as you did.
I feel a nothingness.
I feel a numbness.
Yet I feel
like I can come anew.
And as I feel
the existence of you fades.
And all you are left with
is a killing frost
in what was once our field.
This is the coldest summer
you will ever feel.

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