Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hold Up!!! [Record Scratch]

Things are going swimmingly well with My Aquarian. We touch base with each other everyday. We have similar goals in life. We both like to have fun. We both enjoy being parents. We both enjoy each other. 

So yesterday morning during our usual good morning exchange we decided that he would come over and show me how much he missed me. It had been over a week since we've seen each other and we were both overdue for some loving. I got home about half an hour before he was due to arrive and hurriedly did the 3 S's: shit, shower, and shave (the coochie that is). Sorry if it's TMI, but I gotta make sure I am squeaky clean inside and out. 

So I'm just about to jump out of the shower when he texts me: "Put on something slutty for me and take your toys out. I wanna meet them."

I was like: "WTF!" I felt the pressure was on to find something sexy to wear, and then gather my toys up for him to peruse. Luckily, I have a few costumes that I have worn on occasion and it seems to get a rise out of guys, if you know what I mean. I grabbed my favorite outfit, the French Maid. It was befitting. My Aquarian was actually born in Paris and came to the States when he was 12. So I lotioned and spritzed some of my perfume on and put just a little makeup on. Not too much. I didn't want to look like I was trying too hard. The toys were gonna have to meet him another time, because he calls shortly after and tells me that he is outside. I pranced through the house to meet him at the door. I open it and see him staring at me in amazement.

"Damn baby! Damn!" 

He made the sign of the cross and sent a quick "thank you Lord" up to the heavens. 

"French maid for my French man," I smiled and then kissed him right there in my door way.

He ran his hands up and down my body, feeling under my outfit to find out what kind of underwear I was wearing. When he discovered there was none he looked up at me with a sly grin on his face.

I nibbled on his ear and whispered, "I ain't got no panties on."

He said he realized that and kissed me madly. I had to literally pull him in the house and shut the door behind him. I don't know why guys do this the first time they come to my house, but they always want a tour. My home is not anything spectacular, but it is very homey. So I gave him a mini tour and then led him straight to my lair. My bedroom is my sanctuary. I spend the most time at home in there. Me letting him into my sanctuary was a big deal and I let him know right there and then that he was privileged. He said he knew he was was.

Next thing I know, I was lying on the edge of my bed with my legs flung wide apart and him ravenously showing me how much he missed me. The sex was ahhh-maziiing! Remember how I said it was hard for me to squirt via penetration? With him, I lose my senses and have back to back orgasms. Very liquid ones. He's not as large as HSS but he's long enough to make my stomach cramp after sex. I guess he doesn't have as much girth, which is good because I don't have to prep for him with the 800mg Ibuprofen like I did for HSS. He commented that it seems as if his dick was made for me, which honestly seems to be true. He's perfect!

So, after round two we were having the usual pillow talk couples have after sex. We were talking about anything and everything. The topic of what birth control I was on came up. I mentioned that I actually wanted to have my tubes tied since I did not want anymore kids. I would have done it if my mother did not convince me otherwise. He agreed and said that I should not, because I never know if the next man I marry may want to have his own kids. I gave him that WTF look. I then asked him if he was concerned about getting me pregnant. He said that he would not mind because I make beautiful kids. I give him the GTFOH look. So I asked him if he really wanted kids and his reply was yes because he has two girls like myself and would like to have a son.

OK. Hold up!!! Stop the music!!! [Record scratch]!!! I do not think I want more kids. After having two bad pregnancies, post partum depression, weight gain, and having to take care of these kids all by myself from day one, (and I do mean while their father was around), I am marking the calendar as they inch closer to 18 years of age. Most parents say they would miss their kids terribly with the empty nest syndrome. Me, I'll get a damn dog if I miss them that badly. That oughta keep me busy. I am enjoying my growing freedom. I have changed diapers for 4 years without a break. I am tired of cleaning shit.  Tired of cleaning up spills. Tired of scolding. Tired of having to be mom and dad. 

Now, I am not saying that my Aquarian would not be a great father. He IS a great father! And he is an attentive boyfriend. It's just that I am loving my me time. I am looking forward to being forty something and still young enough to act twenty something. LOL! He says I am still young enough to have more kids. I am feeling very hesitant at this point, and if this is something that he really wants, we will have to part ways because I don't think I want to bring forth another life into this world.

So anyway, we wrapped up a hot steamy summer evening of hot steamy sex and I sent him off to get his girls as I went to get mine. I really like this guy. I see myself going places with him. But if having more kids are a part of the package I really have to rethink this one.

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