Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lord Have Mercy!!!

Guys, I have logged on almost every single day wanting to blog all about my recent adventures. Sooooo much has been taking place. I don't know where to begin and I do not know exactly how much I want to share. I am sorry, I can't share all the juicy details but I shall try to fill you in as much as I can.

The Aquarian has been almost too perfect. He calls me EVERY SINGLE MORNING. Checks in with me throughout the day. Says the right things. Does nice things. And laaaawd the man is a freak!!! We hit it off almost instantly when we met, and it seems that our similarities just keep growing. He is wild, exciting, hardworking, caring, attentive, a great father, everything I could ever ask for in a man. I swear, I could see myself falling for him. I am trying to fight the feelings and just enjoy getting to know him but it's so hard. It's so intense, every time we see each other we just can't keep our hands off one another. I have NEVER been a PDA kind of person but with him it is just so easy to get carried away.

This past weekend we spent together was amazing. Luckily the girls were going away to see their dad so I was practically free all weekend. We decided earlier in the week to go Latin dancing. He took it a notch further and decided to make it an overnight trip 2 hours away to his hometown just outside of NYC. He wanted to introduce me to two of his best friends.  If it was one thing I was told about Aquarian men, their friends are very important to them and if their friends do not like you, chances are the will drop you.

So anyway, we met up late Friday evening and drove down. Checked into a hotel and met up with one of his friends at the club. The friend was very nice. Attractive. Spoke fluent French and Spanish. And he taught me how to bachatta. We drank and we danced and then we left and went back to the room to wait for the other friend to come. Everyone had a good time as we drank and listened to music, and I suppose they really liked me. I had a good time also. If I told you all what I did that weekend it would shame the devil, but he made one of my biggest fantasies come true. I have mentioned my fantasy in my Bedroom Bucket List post that I have been working on for a while now. Thanks to him I can cross it off. LOL! But all I know is that I got a 9 hour work out and I am still sore in places I have never felt before.

What's next with the Aquarian? I don't know but already he is implying that he is my man. Even so, he is not clingy at all. He is definitely not into traditional relationships. I like that he is wild and loves to explore. I don't see myself ever getting bored with him. Ladies and gentlemen, I think he may be it.

I don't know what exactly is going on but I have been attracting a lot of men since one has caught my attention. I went to dinner with a vanilla guy who had been asking me out for the longest time ever. (Yes, I finally got my swirl on!)  It went well. The attraction wasn't there for me. He seems more like the buddy I can do fun stuff with. I know though, that he is very much so attracted to me. I don't expect it will go anywhere.

H.S.S. is in the background. He's been busy with overtime. I did not call him for his birthday on Saturday and I suppose he was mad at me because I tried calling him several times between Monday and Tuesday and he did not respond until tonight. This was not a social call. I needed to get some documents from him that I had given him for safe keeping. He seemed disappointed with that. I asked him for the things and tried to keep the conversation curt but he kept trying to keep me on the phone. He said I had an attitude which I denied. I had my sweetest voice on when I called him but he knows me well enough to know that my kind words can be laced with venom. Anyway, I will remain aloof with him. I just know that it feels good to not be pining over his love, yearning for his affection, and wanting his time. I am feeling a renewed vigor, like so many good things await. I can't wait to see how this unfolds!


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