Saturday, July 30, 2011

Don't Be Anal About Anal

Before I proceed, please throw out all preconceived notions about anal sex. It is important to mention that anal sex in the African American community is still considered taboo because it is thought of as an act that means a man is a homosexual. A man and a woman having sex is not gay!

So, what do I know about cruising on the chocolate highway? A little and a lot. I am not big on it but I like doing it every so often. Read: years in between. Trouble with that is that every-time was like the first time.  I do have limitations though. I am not into tossing salads! Another post for another day. Neither am I into fingers going up there. I enjoy safe and responsible pleasure, and there is a way to make anal sex safe and pleasurable.

Do Your Prep Work

Now, if you are adventurous and love living on the wild side then spontaneous anal may appeal to you. But, the truth is, the anus is where your input goes out. Unless you're comfortable with seeing bits of your lunch on your man's thingy, take a dump, or even better, do an enema. Take a good shower after, and scrub down there well. Your ass should not smell like ass

Wrap It Up Please

Protect yourself. Anal sex, any sex for that matter, is very risky. The probability of HIV acquisition by the receptive partner in unprotected anal sex with an HIV carrier is higher than vaginal or even oral sex. Keep it safe! In addition, remember that the anus is a host environment for bacteria and we wouldn't want to transmit an E. Coli outbreak or kidney and bladder infections. Please, take both your partner and yourself into consideration.


Your anus does not lubricate like your vagina does. Use some form of lubrication. Lots of it! No fellas, spit is not sufficient. And for Christ's sake do not use petroleum jelly or baby oil! Astroglide is my all time favorite! Very silky and makes for a friction free time.

Loosen Up

Anal sex will hurt if you are not relaxed. That muscle will tighten so much that you can bend a spoon up there. You have to be completely aroused  before this takes place. Do NOT forgo forplay. It is important to remain completely relaxed during this process. I like to get my regular freak on to the point of orgasm then transition to anal. I also like my clitoris stimulated during the act. Some people like to use the butt plug pump.....I will not delve into this one. (*chuckles*) The lining of the anus is very thin and bleeding can occur easily if penetration is forced so go slowly if you must.

Smooth sailing!

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  1. LOLOL! OH MY GOSH! This blog is my daily read and there NEVER is a dull moment! I'm telling everyone to save it to their phones as an "on-the-go" read!

    Kimberly, FWB