Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fall Out With The Outlaw

So a week ago, I am at home, minding my own business. The phone rings. My mother outlaw tells me that she wanted my husband's niece to have the futon in our living room because her brothers would be visiting her new apartment and she did not have any furniture for them to sleep on.

Story behind the futon:

My mother outlaw has been storing her furniture in my house for the past 5 years. When I had that violent falling out with her back in 09 I told my husband to take her shit out our house and let me get my own damn furniture. Since then I got a brand new furniture set for my family room and dining room. Her futon is in my formal living room along with her other pieces. I was in the process of getting my own formal set when my husband told me that she told him to take them and he would pay her for them. Apparently he has not paid her so now she still has claim over them, as well as the few other pieces she has here.

Where the fall out takes place:

Her grand daughter just got her first apartment and has no furniture. So she calls me with this concocted story about the boys coming and their sister needing it for them. Now I have no problem with her taking her shit, as a matter of fact I want her to get all her shit out my house. I intend to start throwing out her son's things deep in the fall to rid my home of the negative energy. But when I found out that the boys were not coming at all it made me start to wonder if she told me that lie so she could slowly start to take back the things she had given us because of the fact that I was indeed going through the divorce. Bare in mind that she sent her grand daughter over here to take the television that was in my guest room prior to this, without at least giving me advance notice so as to allow me to buy a replacement set. This latest lie made her look like a skeevy bitch and I passed word that she can come take the rest of her shit too.

The relative I passed word through said it was not because of the pending divorce why she was taking her things. She lied because she was afraid I would tell her just that, to take her shit out my house. And because she cannot afford storage right now she wanted to smooth over the process. But it was so stupid. If it's her shit it's hers. Why would I have a problem with her taking her shit? The problem I have is the lying and the scheming. It's that same shit that caused my marriage to disintegrate. Her lie led me to believe that her intentions were dishonorable even though chances were they weren't.  I understand there was a whole round table discussion with his family over that futon. Why couldn't she had just come to me in the first place and say to me:"You know ______, I am not taking my furniture because I have anything against you. It's just that ___ needs it right now until she gets on her feet". Finnito! That's all it would have taken. But no. They were pretty much casting lots on whether or not I would get upset and tell her to come get the rest of her stuff. Please understand folks, it's not the furniture; it's the principle.

Anyway, I decided to let her be and not stir the pot any further. I was still seething though with her lie and it is a pity that the Aquarian couldn't come over so we could fuck and cum all over that futon before they picked it up today, just for the hell of it.

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