Friday, October 21, 2011

Earning The Red Wings

The college boo is back in town and asked if I was available tomorrow night. I told him that I was feeling unwell and was probably just gonna stay home and rest. I did tell him however to give me a call when he was in the area. The truth is, yes, I am not well, but I am on the rag.

So I asked a trusted friend of mine if she thought I should cancel on him because I have my period. She said no, I should tell him to come and get his red wings. I was like "WTF!!" LOL!!!!

Now, I am not an advocate of sexing during the red. I don't have anything against anyone who does. I am not saying that I have never bled during rough sex, nor have my period begin during an encounter. But to willingly and actively engage in sexual intercourse during the flow? Hell no!!!

I must admit that I am intensely horny at the very onset of my period. However, that feeling gets old real fast. I just can't imagine doing that for the mere fact that it is smelly. Who likes smelling blood? I sure as hell don't.

Now, I can see why some would like it. I mean, no need to use lube, right? Yech!!! Plus women are supposed to be very horny during this time. Can't deny that. Sorry, not messing up my good sheets. I can sleep on cum stains. Blood stains are a whole different matter.

Whatever, to each his own. I just know that is just one thing I will never do. Ever!!!

Would/have you?

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