Friday, November 11, 2011

The Aquarian...Again

So it happened. I hooked up with the Aquarian again. We stopped seeing each other but we never really lost touch. He texts me most days. Some days I blow him off. He will become overly concerned if I don't respond, so I do. He calls me ever so often, that is if I pick up. I'll admit I don't see a future between us. Why? Once bitten, twice shy I guess. I told him during one of our conversations that he did not see me as part of his life, therefore he did not inform me when a crisis was happening in his life. I had to hear from his friend that there was a death in his family and then wait weeks til he finally called me himself. Anyway, he has constantly apologized but I have not gotten over it and I do not intend to. I told him that I still enjoy his company and we had great sex so I wouldn't mind going out with him every now and then.

And so it happened this past Saturday, after me going through a hellish week, he finally convinced me to go out with him. I did not have the kids and I had a little free time so I took up the offer. I met him at this old cinema that showed only adult films. It was very seedy to say the least. It was clean, yes, but the clientele that hung around seemed like they were ready to pounce on you the minute you walked in. As a matter of fact, the Aquarian said that a man had approached him and tried to take his belt off while he was waiting for me. LOL! Serves him right!

Anyway, the balcony section of the theater was closed off to couples only. We climbed the winding staircase and at the top we passed a lounge with leather sofas, and a bathroom to the rear. It appeared to be very clean. We passed that area and went towards the seats. It was very dark but we could still make out the figures.There were a few couples sprinkled here and there.  I did not see much action but I saw some kissing and heard some moaning. So we sat down at the front of the balcony section, and when we looked down to the bottom of the screen up front there were thirsty dudes just waiting to get some action. Then Mr. Aquarian wasted no time. He was already trying to get in my panties but Miss Smarty Pants wore skinny jeans with a tie belt that took a hell of a lot of wiggling to get out of. I managed to do so and his fingers began to #OCCUPY my warmth below. After some heavy tonguing and groping and other things I will not mention I was in his lap, my back pressed against him, and feeling his solid reminder of why I fell for him in the first place.

It was different, to say the least. I experienced a heightened sense of arousal knowing that I was in a public place, with others more than likely watching. I did not even bother putting my pants back on as I walked out in my sweater and boots and led him back to the lounge area where he put me on my knees and finished the job properly. Of course he did a spit and polish while he got his Happy Meal and I was in orgasm heaven! We got cleaned up and left. While getting dressed another couple walked past us and glimpsed me half naked. Surprisingly, I did not feel the least bit shy about it. Another one of my fantasies has been fulfilled by this man and I didn't feel  squeamish about it at all. While walking out we caught another couple getting busy on the balcony. Good for them

The night was still young and although I had to work the next morning I agreed to let him take me for a drink. I was not dressed up to go to one of the upscale clubs nearby, and neither was he. Being so, I let him take me to a nightclub in the hood that I had never been to before. A relative of mine frequents it, and I understand it was recently renovated.

It was clean. The clientèle was not as ghetto as I had imagined it would be. And hey, the drinks were cheap and good. I only had a cranberry vodka. He had about 3 or 4 Bud Limes. While we were enjoying our drinks we talked about us, what went wrong, and he expressed his desire to be with me again. I told him that I was a mess and I did not want to get serious right now. He asked me how I expected him to take me seriously when I did not want to get serious. I had no answer for him, except that I knew in my heart that I was not interested in being with him like that again. His final statement regarding that was that someone must have hurt me real bad. I said yes.

The music was popping! Old school hip hop, R&B, and reggae were pumping through the speakers. There were not many people on the dance floor, but everyone was bopping their head at least. We were hugged up and dancing the night away. I was really enjoying myself until a guy that looks EXACTLY like my ex walked in. He took a seat right next to where were standing at the bar. I froze. I felt my stomach tie up in knots. My stomach hurt so bad I turned pale. Almost immediately, the Aquarian asked me what was wrong. I told him I was tired and not feeling well. He asked me if I wanted to leave and at first I tried to soldier it out, but it came to a point where I could not take it any longer so he drove me back to my car.

Ever since then he has been insisting on seeing me, spending more time with me, doing things that couples do. I enjoy spending time with him, and I especially enjoy the wild. crazy sex we have. But I know that's just as far as it goes between us. I don't trust him. I know I have trust issues and once that trust has been violated, as far as I am concerned, everything coming out of your mouth is bullshit. So instead of driving myself crazy by doubting everything he says, I prefer not to get reattached. I will. however, keep tapping that dick as long as there's water in the pipes.


  1. I enjoyed reading this one . That Aquarian man keeps coming back .ha. reading this part made my day lol, >however, keep tapping that dick as long as there's water in the pipes.< I don’t blame you at all. Keep going for it. The sex is banging. Who knew there were cinema’s that played only adult movies. Goggling to see if they have those locally in my town… I get where you're coming from when you get hurt especially by the same person it cuts deep and you don’t just get over that so easily. I can’t wait to read more!

  2. Im feeling this too just as poetic_butterfly ,only i'm a bit jealous b/c my sex life isn't as good as yours , it's sooo damn boring !

  3. Wow. Yeah, this reminds me of my Aquarian. Crazy! But lmfao at the end. You're hilarious. I love it :)