Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Raining...Men

Life has been so hectic lately! As I said before, I have been busy with work, family (drama), and my men.

Almost every weekend in August I have been on dates with different men. September would have played out the same had I not had so much drama going on in my life.  HSS is not in the picture right now, more on him later. The married ex, um, more on him too.The Aquarian is somewhat in the picture as well, at least he is TRYING really hard to get it in. And oh yes, I finally got to hook up with my college boo. I say I was gonna keep my options open didn't I? So here's a brief intro to two of my suitors.

Mr. Africa

He was one of the first few men who responded to my profile on this dating website. I kinda blew him off initially because I found him to be too wordy and somewhat positioned himself as this man of greatness because of his achievements and his belief in charity and community service. Even though I blew him off, he was persistent. We exchanged emails while I was seeing the Aquarian. Somewhere during that time he pretty much convinced me to talk to him on the phone. My initial feelings were right. He was indeed a chatterbox. I hate it when people talk too much. So much so that I could not get a word in edgewise. He would keep cutting me off mid-sentence. I addressed him on it right away and he admitted that was one of his main faults. He gets so excited during a conversation that he forgets that the other person is speaking. But he coined me as a bass mistress. Meaning I like to sport fish. And right he is. I explained to him that some fish you throw back, some you eat, and others you cherish forever as they hang on a plaque on the wall. He wanted to know which category he fell in and I told him that time will reveal that answer.

So anyway, we start speaking more, READ: once a week. He still could not keep our conversations to under half an hour so I avoided his calls when I was really busy. He texts here and there and I keep it brief with him. At some point since the past couple months he has been listening to me as I fill in him in little personal details of my life. Not everything now, just what I wanted him to know. And he knows that my children are my world.

So when I decided I was through with the Aquarian a couple months ago I decided that I would meet him in person and see if we hit it off. Before I even told him I wanted to meet him he was inviting me on a getaway to Mexico. I declined even though I really could use a vacation. I have some new bikinis I wanted to wear before summer ended. LOL. But seriously, it was just too soon.

After cancelling and rescheduling a few times we finally met up one Friday after work.We went to a sushi bar and I had one of those lovely rolls with a lychee martini on the side. The conversation was good and I have to say I enjoyed myself. I just don't feel the sparks with him. He is handsome, just not as tall as I would like. (Why do I keep getting the itty bitty men?) He dresses nicely, wears what I assess to be a $2,000 watch, has excellent taste and manners. He is intelligent. In a great job. Teaches Sunday school. Active in Big Brothers/ Big Sisters. Not afraid to get in touch with his feminine side. And he loves kids. Oh yes, he would like to have his own someday. Y'all know that is the deal breaker for me right?

Why is it that the nearly perfect guy is not the one for me? We ended the dinner with an awkward hug. He did not want to let go. He said he really liked me and he wants to see me again. So I met up with him at an Indian buffet a few weeks after. (He picked again!) We had a great time still. I decided I like him, but not enough for him to be the one. He calls me ever so often wanting to know when we will have some alone time. I have yet to respond.

The Aspiring Writer
He is an enigma. This guy dresses like a thug, yet he speaks like with such intellect. He does not use slang and speaks plain English. He is a navy veteran, college educated, but unfortunately he is also broke. I met him when he was in between jobs. He found one now, a security job, that pays great overtime. I know the economy is rough right now, and a job is a job but I hope that he eventually does something to achieve his dreams of being a successfully published author.

We have been getting to know each other for the past three months. We went out on a date in August, but because of the distance between us (an hour) and the hectic nature of my life I have not been out with him until late last month when he brought drinks over and we snuggled up on the couch and had a movie date. That was the first time I had een intimate with him and I absolutely loved it. I went to his place this past Sunday and it was only better than the first. The brother can make a sister happy!!!

We get along great, we connect, and the sex is just fabulous! But I know deep down within me that the attraction begins in the corners of his mind and end in the seat of his pants. The comic books, anime, video games, and occasional weed smoking really do not cut it for me. I would like to settle down with a grown man for once, I am so done with overgrown boys. I really do like him. But that is it for me.

There's a lot more juice to this cocktail and I will follow up as soon as I can.


  1. I am so happy that your back I really enjoy your blog and look forward to read more on your journey.

  2. Thank you! I swear there is so much I wanted to share over the past couple months but haven't been able to. Stay tuned!