Thursday, October 13, 2011

How To Dine Beneath A Two Legged Table

Or rather, how to eat the punaani perform cunnilungus.

I've noticed in the past few months that most of the men who have performed cunnilingus on me tend to do it like they were scared of hurting me or something. The only one who got it right was the Aquarian. His great oral skills was how he managed to make me squirt!

But for goodness sakes! This is not a saucer of milk and you are not a giant pussy cat. Open it up. Get ravenous. Pretend it is the stomach of an infant and you are trying to tickle the heck out of it with your lips. Stick no less than 2 fingers in there while you tease around it. Bite my lips (gently please). Spank my clit. And let your tongue linger further down south of the clitoris. For crying out loud, stick a tongue in there. It won't bite. I'm angry that brother's won't get creative with it. And I am angrier at them than the brothers who flat out refuse to do it. I can't even bother explaining how to do it right so here's a great link from explaining how.

Happy reading!

Giving Her Oral Sex

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