Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When Your Vagina Is Angry With You

Ever had a burning itch? Odor? Just a general feeling of being unwell down there? No, this is not a Vagisil commercial. This post is just a holla at my suffering sisters to remind you all to fear not! Vaginal infections are just as common and annoying as the cold and nothing to be ashamed of. I am currently down with BV (bacterial vaginosis) and I am wasting 5 good days out of my life inserting this gel; 5 good days that I could have been sexing my lover. Ironically, that was how I got it in the first place. My vajayjay does not always agree with condoms, so excessive use of such tends to throw off the PH balance which tends to result in a very angry and irritated coochie.

I've never been prone to yeast infections but did get one once when I was on a high dose of antibiotics and did not know that eating yogurt would prevent such. Other than that and a couple of UTI's when I was younger, I've been relatively incident free down there.  But for many women, it's like a nightmare. Recurring yeast infections and things of that nature tend to be an annoying part of their lives.

Some personal tips from moi include some which you already know but bears repeating:

  • Loosen Up -  I'm guilty of wearing thongs, lace, and satin when the men friends come around but the cotton bikini is what I wear most of the time. Once HSS came over unexpectedly and he was shocked that I was wearing "granny panties" *rolleyes*. I told him if he had a problem with it he should take it off, and so he did..LOL!

  • Cleanliness is next to godliness - personal hygiene goes a long way. Wipe front to back, change pads, tampons, panty liners frequently, and don't use regular soap down there. I use Summer's Eve as it is not irritating.

  • Become a pro - at probiotics that is. The active cultures is supposed to promote the growth of good bacteria throughout your body. Since I've been regularly eating yogurt I have not had a single yeast infection.

Please, if you don't think something is normal down there get it checked out. Ignoring small problems can lead to larger ones such as  infection of the uterus and ovaries, as well as infertility. Also, it is not such a bad idea to have a full scale STD test if you are sexually active. I sure as heck got one! Below is what I believe are a couple of great links for women out there who suffer from these conditons:

Prevent Vaginal Infections
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Pinpointing the Source of Vaginal Infections
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