Friday, October 7, 2011

The College Boo Reunion

So let me start off by saying, that this guy here would have been THE ONE, had I not already been involved with the STBE. We get along great! Never had a disagreement that we could not talk through and resolve, and he is smart andsexy as all get out!!

We met in my sophomore year of college and were good friends onwards. To be honest, I always had a crush on him but never pursued because I was either on lockdown or lacking confidence. I mean, I was just a plain Jane compared to those other hot girls who dressed like they were going to the club when going to class. I was a sneakers, t-shirt, and jeans type of gal. I would rather be caught dead than wear high heels on campus.

Anyway, we always had a connection, but it was not until our senior year that we really connected. I don't know how, but I ended up spending time in his apartment. I had been briefly single but were just platonic friends at that point. One night we went out to a sports bar in town and partied with our friends, and I was too drunk to drive home and ended up in his bed. It was no mistake that I ended up there though, as I have always been attracted to him and figured that it was time for me to find out what he was made of.

We dated that entire summer, not just sexing either. He took me to dinner on a couple occasions, we went to the movies, and he took me home and introduced me to his grandma. But at the end of that summer he was gone. He went out of state to go to grad school, and I was stuck at home unemployed with a bunch of student loans to begin paying off. I got scared because I was never one to pretend that I could maintain a long distance relationship and I wanted more. I was having baby fever in the worst way. So, I got back with the STBE after a string of failed relationships. I had some difficulty conceiving at first so it was not until years later that we had our first child, which I never regretted one bit. I just regretted that I did not wait for the college boo.

We reconnected a few months ago, and he shared with me that he wanted more that he could not find where he was living now. He wanted to settle down and build a life with someone who bore similar characteristics to me. I was very flattered to say the least. I've never thought of him as more than just a friend. Even when we were dating I never believed that we would go beyond that. I just thought he was too good for me. He said he didn't like hearing me say that I let him go because I didn't believe he would come back to me. So all this blew me away and I decided that maybe I should just go out with him once to see what I had been missing.

He was in town the weekend after his birthday in August. I decided I was going to go all out as I wanted to make this really special. I got us a suite at a very nice hotel and I got ready there. When I was dressed and waiting in the lobby, the girl that had been working the front desk told me that I was looking amazing and she questioned me about my plans. I told her that I was meeting an old friend for dinner. She gave me that sly "I know what you're up to" kind of smile and I winked at her and went outside to meet him.

He pulled up in his brand new coupe and OMG my heart skipped 10 beats. LOL! He was as fine as he was __ years ago! We hugged and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me I looked wonderful and he didn't want to ruin my makeup. I told him that he hadn't changed a bit. I did though. I look hot now compared to years ago. We talked and caught up until we got to the restaurant: this chic pan-Asian restaurant in Downtown. Dinner was fabulous and followed by drinks at an upscale lounge nearby. He was exhausted from his journey and we decided to call it a night- a very early one at that as we left after 10PM.

We got back to the suite  and I left him to go freshen up. By the time I got out the powder room he was already undressed down to his t-shirt and boxer briefs (which fit him very well...). I said "oh well", and removed my pants and crawled under the covers with him. We spooned for a while until he started kissing me and caressing me, then he finally asked me why I was turned away from him. I turned to face him, we stared into each others eyes, then he took my chin and kissed my lips. After that, I don't have to go into much details.

I thought it would have been amazing, but it brought back memories of why I did not pursue a relationship with him in the past. The brother has a very nice dick, and it is a decent size too, but he could never please me. He would stop a lot while I was just getting into the groove of things. Also, he does not seem to have a lot of endurance. I was sad. To make matters worse, he does not eat the cho-cha. I do not require it all the time, I can go months without it, but you'd better get down there and start vacuuming when I say it's dusty. Point is, I like to be pleased, because I like to please as well. It would seem as if he is into one-sided sexual pleasure, which is a deal breaker for me.

Dare I say that if we should end up together I would try to break him out of his no foraging shell? Instruct him on how to fuck me enough to make me satisfied? Yes, yes, and why? Because despite his lacking in the bedroom department he is a keeper. He's hardworking, honest, reliable, good looking, has a great sense of humor, and has been a great friend to me for as long as we've been friends. I've learnt through much trial and error that usually the men who could make you lose your senses in the bedroom often made you lose your senses elsewhere. In other words, you can't have it both ways. My STBE was a little selfish in the beginning of our relationship but he learnt quickly that if he kept me happy then he would be happy. Sex is and always has been very important to me. Good sex that is.

So what's next with the college boo? Well, we both agree that long distance relationships aren't our cup of tea. He is actively trying to move back this side of the world. If he does then I would give him a chance to show me that we have something going on. Shit, I'd marry him and have his babies in a heartbeat if he asked me. You all KNOW that is a huge deal for me right? LOL! I asked him to be my date for an office function next month and he agreed. I don't want to read into anything too soon, but I know he must really be into me if he is willing to dress up in a tuxedo and sit through one of these boring office parties with complete strangers just for me. He has said on more than one occasion that he likes being with me and he misses me. The feeling is definitely mutual here.

So, should I go for it if the opportunity presents itself?

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  1. Hell life is too short...DO IT!! (and keep doing *him* lol) If yall got the other connections right (friendship, wanting to spend time with each other, ect) then the sex will fall in place. Also like you said, ain't nothing wrong with showing him what you want and you know there is good ol 'porn' for some pointers! Don't let him go he sounds like a WINNER!! :D

    -thehoustongirl (at) gmail (dot) com