Wednesday, June 1, 2011

He's Back

My STBE husband that is. Well, not back in state. He's back on the east coast, living 6 hours away from us and already calling my phone frequently because he wants to see the kids, and me. Well after several relatives voiced their objection, I reluctantly decided to allow the girls to see him. My mother-outlaw is taking them in the morning. I am an emotional wreck. As I worry about tornadoes hitting us tonight, I busily pack a weekend's worth of clothing for both girls, trying to imagine what kind of weekend the kids will have. I am afraid of the negative impact that such a visit without me could have on them, but I am not ready to see him myself so they will have to go without me for now. I just hope that they, especially the older one, won't be confused and have a huge meltdown because their dad won't be coming back home with them as they believe he should. Keep my girls in your thoughts and prayers!

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