Thursday, June 9, 2011

5 Reasons For My New Single Addiction

So I have a new show on TV to look forward. Single Ladies is a hit!!! I admit I was a Sex and the City fiend. I have not had a show fill that void since. Luckily Queen Latifah and company came up with the right mixture of sex, drama, chocolate sisters, and hot clothes to hold my interest. Here are five reasons why I just can't get enough of this new smash hit.

1.  Stacy Dash

Now Stacy Dash, don't get me started on her. I have had  a girl crush on her since 1995 in Clueless. She was fine then and she is sure as hell fine now if not hotter. How old is she? Like 45? My frikking hero(ine)! Every scene she is in I cannot help but stare at her curves in those tight coutoure outfits and wonder if I could ever wear the hell out of a dress like her. Her role? Sweet idealisst who believes in love and marriage until love shits on her then she goes balls out and hooks up with the random dude for a one night stand until she gets her brains back. Definitely Carrie Bradshaw.

2.  Lisa Raye

Speaking of curves, Lisa Raye has definitely added some more curves since her Playas Club days but she sure as hell looks good! I love her role in the show, the woman who is deathly afraid of being hurt so she keeps a stud on hand and plays the rich older gentleman, who she is actually digging on but too afraid to let him know. She reminds me of Samantha.

3.  Hot Mennnssss

OK I love me some Common (even though his character was just dirty). Most of the brothers are fine too, even that one white dude that Stacey Dash's character hooked up with. Even the token gay could get it. He's not gay in real life now is he? How I would love to work on that set!

4.  Steamy Sex Scenes

No explanation needed.

5.  Star Cameos

Lots of stars passing through that show for the first few episodes. Can't wait to see who else makes appearances. It kinda validates the storyline and makes it seem so real.

Honorary Mention

The token white friend. Didn't she star in White Chicks too? I don't know how I feel about her just yet. She cheated on one half of the good black men on the show (there are 2) and I don't know what her character has to offer yet. I am interested in seeing her develop throughout the show though.

Overall, this is just another form of entertainment. Not a motivational, inspirational, or life changing show for the masses. Nor does it intend to mirror the lives of real black single women, but it definitely packs a lot of drama and fantasy. The DVR has made it official.  I will be watching!

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