Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pure Splenda..No Sugar..SMDH!!!

So this guy had called me a few times. We chatted, we Skyped. He lived in a major city out of state, about 90 minutes north of me. I felt a connection growing with him. More of a friendship than anything. I liked that he was a positive man, with a renewing energy. The more I learnt about him, the more I liked him. Then the more I REALLY learnt is the more that he became disgusting and I began to despise him.

So anyhow, I met him in March I think from one of the premium dating sites I was on. I did not give him much play because:

  1. He was black and I was and probably still am so over black men.
  2. He was not attractive. He had a big bald head. He was skinny. And his teeth were running away from each other. OK, I exaggerate now because I cant stand his guts. But the brunt of what I am saying is that I was not attracted.
  3. He lived too far away to develop something meaningful.
Anyway, a few messages back and forth resulted in me giving him my digits to text. I responded in short sentences and never texted him first. He always texted first. Usually with something along the lines of him not hearing for me and I should express equal interest in him to level the playing field somewhat. I did not. Weeks went by before I heard from him. He texted the day after my birthday when I was in bed at 2 in the afternoon sans hangover. I was just miserable and depressed. The night before, my girlfriends took me to dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant then dragged me to my favorite nightclub. I was miserable. I enjoyedbeign with my girls but I just wanted to go home and cry. By 1 am I decided I had enough and was ready to go. My girls pleaded with me to stay even afer my favorite song was being played. I couldn't. I stood out in the cold with the bouncer, this BIG black man who always steals a hug from me when I go there. Finally we left and I went in my bed. I slept and I cried. Then he called.

We talked for hours. His advice was refreshing and renewing and I felt like I could suddenly take on the world. We started talking more frequently until we decided a few weeks later to meet up. I was to go spend the night with him at his home. I decided to ride the bus instead of driving and so he picked me up at the station and we spent the night together at this restaurant. I thought we would have gone out and done something more fun but that did not happen. Instead, we went to his house and after I showered he was on top of me. I had no idea we would have wound up having sex but we did and he was blessed with an amazing dick. So huge I bled. He freaked out a bit about hurting me but I explained to him that it was ok and persuaded him to give me another round the following morning. That was the last time we fucked. I noticed shortly after that, that he would not kiss me on the lips. After that it was nothing but me giving him oral transactions, which I absolutely enjoy doing, but he was being selfish with his very nice schlong. He knew it too and asked if I believe he was selfish in bed. To that I replied "if you had to ask, you probably already know."

When confronted, he revealed to me that his life was too busy to complicate it with a relationship, which was why he did not want to kiss me, as if I would magically fall in love after (*rolls eyes*) and he would much rather be a benefactor and a recipient of pleasure. In essence, he said he wanted to be my sugar daddy. I was OK with it because to be honest, I decided that I did not want to get tied down in a relationship and I was on the prowl for some meat. So hey, if I am gonna put out I may as well benefit from it. Yes, I know it sounds hoish but I really didn't care. I have much less respect for women who engage in sex with multiple partners without benefiting. It may not be financial, but it has been a long held belief of mine that every woman should gain something from a relationship besides a nut. . 

So everything was going well. He got a new position at a firm here in my city and so he would spend the week in a suite then travel back home on Fridays. He would send me gift cards here and there. None greater than $25 for fucks sake! Then he asked me to send him a list of things I like. I didn't. He repeatedly requested that I did. And so I sent him a list. I am not a high maintenance woman, but I do like nice things. One of them was a Coach bag. I am a shameless Coach fiend. He was appalled at the cost of one bag, then asked about the cost of a wallet. I told him about $100. He nearly passed out. That turned me off right away. If a guy like him making over $100 G's a year could not gift me a Coach bag, something he asked to do, then no sir, he is not the one.

I tried to ride on the sugar train for as long as I could, meeting him for dinner and drinks at his suite then finishing him off with one of my trademark blowjobs. The little gifts kept coming but nothing on the list he asked me for. Finally one day I decided to up the ante. There was a dress I wanted to wear on stage at this major event I was on the committee for. It was a $90 Jessica Simpson dress at Macy's. $90 for crying out loud! I could have bought that with my own money if I wanted to. I went over there, did what I did best, then did not even hang around long enough for his cum to dry. I asked him for the money and he complained that he did not get a chance to go to the ATM. He pulled out $60 out his wallet. I was angry but at the same time, I was glad because now I realized that I HAD to get rid of his ass. Not to mention that I was working with a fine piece of meat that I had recently sampled and wanted desperately to go back for more. I took his $60 and spent $20 on an equally beautiful dress from my girlfriend's Ebay store.

I have not seen him since then. That was early August. He has texted me a few times but I told him I was going through some family drama, which I was. He texted a couple weeks ago asking if I wanted a roomate. I have not responded. Fuck him and his Splenda Daddy ass. If I am going to enter into an arrangement to please a man for compensation, he should come correctly. 100% PURE SUGAR, not the fake crap!

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