Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Back to Africa

Some things never go away. The cockroach, the most disgusting pest of all time is over 200 million years old.  It has survived many natural and man made catastrophes to remain one of the most disgusting and annoying pests of all time. Not even dinosaurs, the dodo bird, and many other species of animals shared the same luck. Now, men can be equated to the cockroach. Some of them. Add some of them men I have dated in this list. The Aquarian can be one. And the African the other. Let's talk about the African though.

This man had disappeared into the unknown abyss after I told him in November of 2011 that I was depressed and I did not want to date him or anyone at that time. He agreed to grant me my space. He did so until June when he started calling me again. I was a lot happier than the last time we spoke and more agreeable to seeing him, and maybe seriously considering him for a potential boyfriend.

We went out and caught up a few times, and I began to discover little by little that he could grow on me. So one night he came over and we got physical. BTW I never had sex with him the first time around. It was OK but I would have enjoyed it more if he weren't as aggressive on my girls and he lasted longer. Gave him 2 more shots within the space of 3 months and I was equally disappointed. I eventually limited my calls to him. I was going through a difficult time in my life with my family and he did not make any attempts to call or see me. I confronted him about it after a month and a half and he claimed that he gathered that I needed space so he was giving it to me. I told him that he was way off base as I said nothing to him indicating such, so he should not make assumptions for me. Not to mention the growing awareness of his arrogance.

He was condescending, stuck up, and selfish. I checked him one day about his tone in an email he sent me. He apologized and I said nothing more. Our last argument was over him coming to see me before he leaves for his month long trip abroad. I told him I was available on one single day, a day he claimed he could not make available for me. I said fine. He then texted back to indicate that he had cleared his schedule and was available to see me after all. I said OK. I texted a couple of days before that I would not be able to get physical with him as I was on the rag. He was understandably disappointed but it was what happened after that pissed me the hell off.

He asked me what I suggested we do. I replied
"it's up to you hun."
He then asks why it was just up to him and if I wanted to see him, yes or no. I replied that we already had plans to make dinner together and watch football so I did not see the reason for him asking me for suggestions about what to do. He then claimed that he sensed an attitude. I said that if by attitude he meant my growing annoyance then yes, I was annoyed by his question. He then asked me to explain why and I did, mentioning the fact that I was on a short fuse because, yes, it's that time of the month. He then replied that it wasn't his fault I was on a short fuse so I shouldn't DARE do that with him! I was horrified at the response and decided right then and there that it was over.

I wanted to do it face to face, not on the phone or via text or email like most cowards these days do. Unfortunately, he has not made any time to see me before his trip and I will not be calling him, so when he returns next year he will find that I will be refusing his calls/texts/emails.

On to the next one!

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