Saturday, November 19, 2011

When Your MAFS Are Unavailable

What are MAFS you ask? In short, it's a term I coined meaning Men Available For Sex. If you are like me, single and mingling (a lot), you will have a loyal list of MAFS that you turn to whenever the mood strikes you. There are MAFS who may have been your ex. MAFS you never quite gave the time of day until your crotch started jumping. MAFS who you liked well enough to go out with but never beyond that to say, be in a relationship with. They come in all shapes and sizes. Good looking guys who like you but not enough to want to get serious with you. Ugly guys you'd be caught dead with in public. Guys with big dicks who are dicks. Guys with not so big dicks who are really nice so you call them when you really don't want to be alone. Yes, there are MAFS for every occasion.

Last night I left an event feeling lonely and in need of some put me to sleep sex. So my MAFS list looked like this:
HSS - Emotionally unavailable
The Aquarian - Don't want him to think that I want him that badly
College Boo - Too far away
Married Ex - Don't want to risk him having a heart attack while we're having sex
The Aspiring Writer - Too far away and busy
The African Guy - Can't stand his ass
The Promoter Guy - He wants to hit it but I'm still debating if I should go there with him. (I need to tell y'all about him don't it?)

The Vanilla Guy - Don't want to see him at all!

So here it is, every single guy I have on my list was either unavailable, or I was not feeling them enough to make that booty call. The Promoter Guy I would have probably given a chance if I did not have to work early in the morning and if I'd remembered to shave the vajayjay. Now, I realize that my list needs some updating.  I'm in a time of my life where I realize that eventually I will need a Mr. Right, but on nights like last night I need a Mr. Right Now. One who is willing to roll out of bed and bundle up to come see me. One who will tell me to stop by the club on my way home for a torrid fling in the bathroom. One who will drive miles if necessary at a moment's notice.

There is an old friend I ran into the other day and we've been keep tabs on each other ever since. I was never attracted to him like that. Back in the day he was on the basketball team and me and my girl would drive all over the state with him and another guy friend and cheer them on. He said we were his personal cheer leaders. Yes We Were! We used to go out to parties too but never anything beyond that. I do know that his 6'7 tall dark chocolate self is packing a 10 inch monster. I know because he told me so. We were always very open with each other so something like that was nothing to us. I've always been curious and I guess now it's time for the curiosity to kill my cat. LOL! I saw the way he was looking at me. Yes sir!

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  1. LMAO. I wish I could be this open on my blog. But I am really laughing at "The Aquarian - Don't want him to think that I want him that badly" because I totally hear you on that one girl!!!!