Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giving It The Old College Try

So, I am at a crossroads in my life where I have many options in the dating arena, but for one reason or another the options have not been working for me. I've had some highs, and some really low lows. One thing I can certainly say was that I enjoyed stepping outside of myself as I explored my sexuality, and further drove it home that although my current situation was not ideal, I definitely did not want to be with my ex any longer. I do, however, want to experience real love. I'm not sure if I could go as far as far as to say I would like to be remarried, but I want a significant other, as well as to be significant to someone else.

So this guy I will call the Gentle Giant has been my very good friend for many years. Lost touch with him for almost 10 of those years, and as fate would have it we have been reunited. Our reunion would never had happened if it weren't for the fact that I was temporarily displaced from my home due to a natural disaster. Triumph through tragedy!

Well, we've been communicating a lot. At first it was a matter of rekindling our friendship. I began to realize how much I've missed us. He was the kind of guy I could tell anything, and he would always confide in me as well. No matter where I wanted to go he was always available to take me there. I remembered tutoring him in the library when we had finals. I remember us sneaking off campus to get some real food. I remember me and my girl sitting at his games and cheering him on. And I remember going to parties with him as my personal bodyguard. LOL! We were like brother and sister back then. So it never occurred to me that this man could ever carry romantic feelings for me now. I never saw him in that light, but I always wondered about that monster in his pants. Hey, who wouldn't want to see what a 10 inch dick looks like in person? LOL!

So here it is now, he as revealed to me that he knows I am a good woman, and he is in search of of someone like me. He told me that he enjoys his solitude, but still longs to be thought about. He told me his story about his troubled marriage and trifling ex-wife. This man lives for his two young sons. He works hard. He's honest. Since the day I've known him he's never seen the need to put on a front with me. He's always kept it 100% and I've loved him for that. He tells me I am beautiful. He tells me I am strong. He tells me words that comfort me when I am going through my downs. What more could a girl ask for??

But now, it is different. Crossing those boundaries into the unknown. Our friendship was always safe. Now, I've decided to wade into obscurity and allow him to court me. That's right, I said court me. This one is not about sex for me. I can get that (although sometimes not exactly when I want it). But I've learnt that there is more to life than just fucking. I want something meaningful, and I think I have a shot at that with him.

I'm excited and looking forward to how our relationship will develop. I also am looking very much to the first time we have sex, and I think my delaying it will make it that much more special. I'm very happy with my future prospects. Let's hope none of my exes won't screw it up for me. I see HSS, The Married Guy, and The Aquarian trying to reach out to me lately but this time, I'm really doing me!

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