Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why This Valentine's Day was Bittersweet for Me

This was a truly bittersweet Valentine's Day for me for alot of reasons. Since Sunday I was laid up in bed all day, an emotional wreck, wondering how I was gonna handle the day on Monday. All my hurts, fears and disappointments cuckolded me and paralyzed me for 24 hours. Then the day came and I was actually feeling upbeat and amorous.


I married my husband six years ago. This anniversary was marred not only by his absence, but the end of our union, and the uncertainty of how emotional I would be on that day, and the fact that the last time we had a good anniversary celebration was in 2007. I would try to do things with him on the anniversaries after that but was met with excuses like work or lack of finances. Heck, even a 99 cent card or a handwritten love letter would have been sufficient but back then I got nada.


He called me and wished me a happy "vaniversitine". Sent me flowers and two cards. =) Too bad...


I did not get anything from the others. A weekend tryst with the HS sweetheart was broken. Then a potential date with a guy I met on *gasp* Craigslist was needlessly turned down because I had made plans with HS dude. Dammit!


HS dude apologized profusely. After he explained what took place and what had been happening between us over the past few weeks my mind and heart was put at ease. He promised to make it up to me this weekend. Can't wait! Craigslist guy wants us to go out this weekend as well. Double booking anyone? =)

Splenda Sweet

All my lovers and love interests called, texted, or sexted. =)

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