Monday, April 8, 2013

Like Sand Through the Hour Glass Pt. 1

So are the days of my life. Recently I have had to deal with some major personal blows and as I laid on my close-to-death bed I realized that I had come to some major crossroads in my life regarding my job, my health, and my relationship(s).

So let's talk about Valentine's Day/Weekend. Mine was awesome! Awesome because I planned to not do anything but go about the day as normally as possible, to not let it affect my mood, and I succeeded. I even wore black! Then later on in the evening I found that I had an impromptu date with a man whom I may discuss in more detail at some point in the future. He was visiting in town for work and wanted to have dinner with me before he traveled back south. I agreed, and we had a very relaxing dinner. I even spotted a distant relative and her cute kiddo at the restaurant. We parted ways and I went home to the warmth and comfort of my bed and slept the night away.

The Boss Man had been in constant contact with me all week, which was expected as I had decidedly pulled away from him some time early to create a shift in balance in our relationship. I had no anticipations of him coming over that weekend. It was also his birthday weekend so I assumed he would occupy himself some other way. But anyway, he did. He arrived and I greeted him with an unceremonious kiss on the lips, something I was not accustomed to. I did not linger, asking him if he wanted something. He chose to have a drink so I fixed him one and led him to the family room. And as is the nature of our relationship, it was all business at first. He sat in the middle of my L-shaped couch as I stretched my legs across and into his lap. We must have talked for about an hour. All that time I wondered if I was really up to getting it in with him. I wasn't feeling 100% well but I knew if he made a move I would not resist. And he did.

I was still lying in the couch when he suddenly got up and stood beside me. I turned to face him and asked him what his problem was. After a moment and my lack of movement he proceeded to climb on top of me, sit on my chest, and rock his pelvis back and forth. Taunting me and teasing me. I hesitated and gave him a quizzical look. He backed away knowing good and well that I would not resist, and so it was. I grabbed hold of him by the belt buckle and reeled him in. Then, it was on.

I had him melting in my hands, my mouth, and my caverns. Riding him, then taking him deep within. Something was different. I felt as if I had been conquered. Like putty in his hands. As I rode him he knew what he was doing to my body. He felt what I was about to do. I fought and resisted. He laid a firm hand on my groin and began stroking my clit. I tried to remove his hand but his placement was firm. Once I saw that I was not going to win, I stopped moving. I wanted the feeling to last for as long as I could sustain it. I was not ready to climax. He asked why I was holding back and said he wanted me to come all over him. I did not want to. Not right then. He took matters into his own hands and commandeered my body as he drove his lusciously divine dick so deep into me. My walls could not help to succumb and respond in a way that I did not need vocal chords to express. We arrived in unison.

He left me in a state of bliss that evening. I went to sleep with his scent stuck in my nostrils and his taste lingering on my lips. The following morning, I woke up with a terrible pain in my side which would land me in my doctor's office and change the course of every aspect of my life.

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  1. Hey now now THIS is a really great post!! I am subscribed to you and cannot wait to read what is in store next! Also, I hope you get well soon on your illness (please disclose if not that is ok) I hope you are alright all in all. I pray that you will be healed.

    Happy 2013!