Friday, January 13, 2012

He Wore Me Down

I've been having a great new year so far, socially at least. I've been out to eat and have drinks so much lately that I'm starting to feel fat! Friday night, I went out with my girl and my bro. Drinks, movies, more drinks, and dancing. By 2:30 AM I was done! I wanted to go to bed and smile in my sleep, after I put myself to sleep of course! I was feeling full and happy. But throughout the night the Aquarian kept texting that he wanted to see me. I showed the texts to my bro and asked him for advice on how to get rid of him. I mean, I've done everything I could to possible get rid of him. Not taking his calls. Telling him I've been seeing other men. Telling him to leave me alone. But no, this man wanted to see me so badly, by the end of the night after dancing and talking about sex with my friends, and being celibate for two months, this dude calls me and after saying some very effective words, he convinced me to let him come over.

I told him that my family was there even though they weren't so that I could get him out right after. I did not want to wake up to him in the morning and see the mistake I made staring at me, hoping to go for another round, and maybe get some breakfast. I opened the door and he kissed me so long and hard I had to struggle to free myself. The sex was, OK... I guess. I came. He did. And I got his ass out before the sun came up so it was a success.

So now I am back to square one. I want to get rid of him in the worst way. Since I've been keeping a lid on the vajayjay I've stumbled on a very wonderful thing, and it may be love but I am waiting to see how it develops before I spill the beans. I am very, very, happy  with the way things are going and can't wait for it to grow into something deep and meaningful. I'm just so ready for more. And I feel that leaving myself open for new opportunities is only possible if I close those other doors. And I am trying my endeavor best to do just that.

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